Articles about consumer credits and other loans in Switzerland.

A Basic Guide To Crowdfunding in Switzerland

Crowdfunding delivers opportunities for entrepreneurs, established businesses, special interest ...

Bank Checks and Personal Checks Explained

A check is a written order from a bank customer to their bank, ordering the bank to transfer the...

Bitcoin Loans Explained

Discover how bitcoin lending works and get informed about the costs and risks with this ...

Crowdinvestment – a Guide for Swiss Investors

Crowdinvestment provides an avenue for small investors to participate in capital markets and for...

Choosing the Right Business Loan: 9 Key Tips

Get key tips on how to go about choosing a business loan in this guide from

Guide to Real Estate Crowdinvestment in Switzerland

What is real estate crowdinvestment and what opportunities and risks does it bring to Swiss ...

Loans: Repaying Debt Ahead of Schedule

Settling personal loans ahead of schedule saves you money. Find out what you should pay ...

Loans in Switzerland: What Do They Cost?

Loans in Switzerland vary with regards to their interest rates, terms and conditions depending ...

Guide to Life Insurance Policy Loans in Switzerland

Life insurance policy loans let you borrow money using the cash value of your whole life ...

Peer to Peer Lending Platforms Compared

Find useful information about investing in peer to peer loans and compare investment costs and ...

Peer To Peer Loans in Switzerland

Peer to peer (P2P) lending platforms are on the increase in Switzerland. Find useful information...

Personal Loans: 7 Common Mistakes

Personal loans can provide financial liquidity to cover further education or needed equipment. ...

Private Loans in Switzerland: How to Protect Your Investment

Direct loans between individuals within a social circle are a regular part of life for most ...

Criteria for Business Loans in Switzerland

What criteria must businesses meet in order to be approved for loans in Switzerland? Get ...

The Costs of Business Loans Explained

The cost of business loans can be forbidding. This guide provides useful ...

Car Leasing In Switzerland: 10 Key Tips

For many people, buying a new car is an emotional decision. So it isn’t surprising that common...

Swiss Online Loans Explained

What should you pay attention to when applying for a loan online in Switzerland? Where can you ...

Refinancing: How to Replace a Loan

This guide explains what you should look out for when terminating a loan in favor ...

Personal Loans in Switzerland: 11 Tips For Getting the Right Loan

Find useful tips to consider before applying for personal loans in Switzerland in this guide.

Getting a Loan in Switzerland: Criteria

What criteria do you have to meet to get a loan in Switzerland? Find out in this ...

Store Credit Cards: Do They Make Sense?

Many Swiss retailers offer purchases on credit or installments. This guide will let...

Facebook: Beware of Fraudulent Loans

Fraudulent lenders have turned to Facebook in search of new victims. Find out how to protect ...

Personal Loans: Tax Deductions for Interest Charges

Money which you spend on interest charges for your personal loans is tax-deductible in ...

Overdraft Interest Rates In Switzerland Compared

Find out how to avoid overdrawing your Swiss bank account and getting hit with overdraft rates ...

Loans: Be Aware of the Cost

Consumer loans are growing in popularity – but many consumers underestimate the true cost of ...

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