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Interim accident insurance explained

Interim accident insurance can help fill the gap in accident insurance created when you leave an...

Acquisition Tax in Switzerland Explained

Who pays acquisition taxes in Switzerland and what goods and services are subject to acquisition...

Becoming Self-Employed in Switzerland: Financial Considerations

What key financial points should you consider when becoming self-employed in Switzerland? This ...

Choosing a Business Credit Card: 10 Key Criteria

Which credit card is right for your business? This guide explains the most ...

Commercial General Liability Insurance in Switzerland: A Basic Guide

Commercial general liability insurance helps to protect your business against liability claims. ...

Executive Pension Plans Explained

Executive pension plans (Kaderversicherung / Prévoyance des cadres) are sometimes offered as an...

Bank Accounts for Startups: Getting It Right

What should you consider when choosing a bank to work with as you found and grow your startup in...

Swiss Capital Payment Accounts Explained

The costs of capital payment accounts vary widely across Swiss banks. Find useful information ...

Occupational Accident Insurance in Switzerland Compared

How can Swiss companies get the most affordable accident insurance coverage for their employees?...

8 Financial Questions for Clubs and Associations in Switzerland Answered

Associations like clubs and special interest groups are an important part of Swiss life. Here, ...

Criteria for Business Loans in Switzerland

What criteria must businesses meet in order to be approved for loans in Switzerland? Get ...

The Costs of Business Loans Explained

The cost of business loans can be forbidding. This guide provides useful ...

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