Articles about mortgages in Switzerland.

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home in Switzerland

What should you pay attention to when buying a home in Switzerland? How can you get the most out...

Leaseholds in Switzerland Explained

Many home buyers in Switzerland buy homes on leased grounds without understanding what a ...

Direct vs. Indirect Amortization of Mortgages in Switzerland

Amortizing a mortgage by pledging retirement savings to the lender and settling payment upon ...

Family Mortgages Compared

A number of Swiss banks and insurance companies offer what are popularly know as «family ...

Guide to Real Estate Crowdinvestment in Switzerland

What is real estate crowdinvestment and what opportunities and risks does it bring to Swiss ...
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Hanspeter Rhyner: Mortgages Will Soon Be Fully Digital

What inroads has digitization made into the Swiss mortgage market? How is the current low ...

How to Refinance a Mortgage in Switzerland

What should you pay attention to when refinancing a mortgage? Find key points to consider in ...

Mortgages for Investment Properties

Find out what to look out for when mortgaging investment properties in Switzerland in this basic...

Mortgages for Swiss Holiday Homes

Looking for the perfect mortgage for your holiday house or apartment in Switzerland? You can ...

Mortgages in Retirement: The Forced Sale Nightmare

Swiss Banks are upping the criteria of their mortgage affordability checks, and this move has ...

Mortgages: 11 Expensive Mistakes to Avoid

Residents of Switzerland spend more money on mortgages than on any other banking product. This ...

Mortgages: 7 Things You Should Know

Helpful tips for choosing the right mortgage in Switzerland.

Land Prices in Switzerland: How Much Will 1 Square Meter of Paradise Cost You?

Are you thinking of buying property in Switzerland? Get an overview of current property prices, ...

LIBOR Mortgages in Switzerland

LIBOR-based mortgages are popular in Switzerland, especially when interest rates drop. Find out ...

LIBOR Swap Mortgage Rates - A Closer Look

Some Swiss homebuyers have failed to calculate the current negative interest rates into their ...

Energy Efficient Mortgages: The Trend

Many Swiss Banks now offer so-called energy efficient mortgages (EEMs), also known as green ...

Online Mortgages in Switzerland - What Do They Offer You?

What are the online mortgage options in Switzerland, and what sets them apart from other ...

Swiss Pension Fund Mortgages Compared

Are mortgages offered by Swiss pension funds worth bothering with? Get to know all of the ...

Investment Properties in Switzerland

How do you calculate property investment dividends or find the real investment value of a ...

Reverse Mortgages in Switzerland: A Closer Look

A reverse mortgage can provide homeowners with necessary money without requiring them to sell ...

Calculating Your Mortgage: Easy Tools

In Switzerland, you must meet certain requirements in order to successfully apply for and ...

Term Life Insurance in Switzerland: 3a vs. 3b

In Switzerland, term life insurance policies are normally based on the 3a or 3b categories of ...

Mortgages: The Cost of Terminating Ahead of Schedule

When could it make sense to terminate a fixed mortgage? How much can a withdrawal cost you? Get ...

Variable Rate Mortgages Compared

Swiss variable rate mortgages (VRMs) can be a puzzle at the start, so we at have ...

Mortages: Bank or Insurance Company?

In Switzerland, both banks and insurance companies offer mortgages. But what are the differences...

Housing in Switzerland: Rent or Buy?

To rent or to buy? There are many good answers to that age-old question.

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