Account Statement

In banking, an account statement is an electronic or printed list of all debits and credits transacted through an account managed by a financial services provider.

Account statements typically state the account balances at the beginning and the end of the reporting period in addition to an accounting of credits and debits.

Bank account statements provide information about private accounts, savings accounts and other bank accounts. Credit card statements provide credit card holders with information about purchases and other transactions charged to their credit card accounts, and state the amount owed to the credit card issuer. Prepaid card statements state the prepaid account balance and provide prepaid card holders with an overview of purchases and transactions.

Many Swiss financial services providers now charge fees for the printing and mailing of paper account statements. Electronic account statements are still provided free of charge.

Carefully reviewing your account statements can help you to detect bank errors, fraudulent transactions and incorrect charges (such as overbilling by merchants).

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