Loan & Leasing Calculators Overview


The useful loan and leasing calculators from independent comparison service make it easy to perform all kinds of loan and leasing calculations, including complex calculations.

Loan Calculator

The loan calculator from makes it easy to find the full cost of a loan, the full loan amount, the exact length of a loan’s term and a loan’s effective interest rate.
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Remaining Debt and Early Loan Settlement Calculator

The early loan settlement calculator on makes it easy to find how much you still owe for a loan and how much money you could save by settling your debt ahead of schedule.
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Loan Refinancing Calculator

The loan calculator makes it easy to find out whether or not refinancing your loan is a smart financial move.
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Effective vs. Nominal Annual Interest Calculator

The calculator lets you quickly and easily convert an effective annual interest rate into a nominal annual interest rate and vice versa.
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Lease vs. Loan Calculator

The lease vs. loan calculator on makes it easy to find out whether a lease or a loan is cheaper for the purchase of a car or motorcycle.
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Leasing Calculator

The leasing calculator from makes it easy to find the true cost of a lease.
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Car Leasing Calculator

Calculating the actual cost of your auto lease is quick and easy with the auto leasing calculator.
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Loan Comparison Tools

The leading Swiss loan comparison tools.
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Mortgage Calculators

The leading Swiss mortgage calculators.
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