Insurance Calculators

Use the free and powerful insurance calculators on unbiased Swiss online comparison service moneyland.ch to perform useful insurance calculations.

Percentage Calculator

Use the percentage calculator to find the difference between two numbers as a percentage, find the amount represented by a percentage and calculate increases and decreases.

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Discount Calculator

Use the Swiss discount calculator to find the value of a discount as a percentage, to find the discounted price or to find the regular price without the discount applied.

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Notice Period Calculator

The notice period calculator on moneyland.ch makes it easy to find the date on which a contract will be terminated based on the notice period.

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Insurance Calculator

Calculate all possible insurance costs and benefits, and compare the costs and benefits of two insurance policies.

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Health Insurance Deductible Calculator

The health insurance deductible calculator makes finding the best deductible model easy.

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Pet Insurance Calculator

The pet insurance calculator makes it easy to find the ideal pet insurance option for your cat, dog or horse.

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Insurance Comparisons

Use these unbiased Swiss insurance comparisons, insurance calculators and insurance guides to get informed and cut costs.

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