Insurance Calculators


Use the free and powerful insurance calculators on unbiased Swiss online comparison service to perform useful insurance calculations.

Health Insurance Calculator

The health insurance calculator helps you find the best insurance deductible model for your anticipated healthcare expenses.
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Insurance Calculator

The multi-purpose insurance calculator helps you find the cheapest insurance option based on anticipated losses, sums insured, deductibles and premiums.
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Pet Insurance Calculator

The pet insurance calculator makes it easy to find the ideal pet insurance option for your cat, dog or horse.
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Notice Period Calculator

The notice period calculator on makes it easy to find the date on which a contract will be terminated based on the notice period.
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Discount Calculator

The discount calculator helps you find out exactly how a discount affects the price of a product or service. Use this calculator to determine the value of insurance discounts.
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Percentage Calculator

The percentage calculator lets you perform many percentage calculations – including percentage calculations which apply to insurance.
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