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Find a wide variety of interesting articles, comparison tools and information for seniors on As an older adult or pensioner, you get special discounts from many Swiss banks and insurance companies. These are accounted for in comparisons.

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Tips for Seniors

Savings accounts for retirees often offer slightly higher interest rates. The savings account comparison by considers these special interest rates for pensioners. Continue to savings accounts comparison

Private accounts for pensioners sometimes offer slightly higher interest rates and special cost discounts. The private account comparison by considers these special interest rates and conditions for retirees. Continue to private accounts comparison

The credit card comparison by is the most comprehensive comparison service in Switzerland and takes all important Swiss credit card providers into account. It covers more than 200 credit cards. Continue to credit cards comparison

The banking package comparison lets you compare the costs and features of bundled offers from Swiss banks. Packages may include private accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, debit cards and retirement accounts. The comparison accounts for special discounts and conditions applicable to seniors. Compare Swiss banking packages now

Seniors in Switzerland are increasingly investing in stocks. The most affordable way to do this is using an online trading platform.

You can compare online trading platforms from Swiss banks using the interactive online trading comparison on

In Switzerland, all adults aged 26 and older pay the same premiums for mandatory health insurance. That means you benefit from the coverage provided by Swiss compulsory health insurance throughout your life without your premiums going up as you age. Any increases in premiums apply to all adult residents equally.

You can find the cheapest compulsory health insurance using the unbiased mandatory health insurance comparison on

In the case of voluntary supplementary health insurance and supplementary hospital insurance, premiums may increase with age. Supplementary health insurance policies may also have age limits or health requirements with regards to who can take out new policies. For this reason, it is advisable to take out needed supplementary health insurance while you are relatively young and healthy.

After a long working life, you may have assets which you want to invest – such as assets cashed out from the pillar 3a or vested benefits accounts. Asset management and financial advisory services provide an investment option if you are not confident in your abilities to invest on your own.

The unbiased asset management and financial advisory comparison on helps you find the most affordable service for your investment needs.

Retirement often brings with it more opportunities to travel.

The annual travel insurance policy comparison on accounts for age-based differences and discounts. This is important because some travel insurances have age limits for applicants.

It is also worth noting that some credit cards come with complimentary travel insurance coverages. If you use credit cards to pay for travel bookings, It is worth checking whether your credit card includes complimentary travel insurance coverages.

Your legal situation may become more or less complex as you get older. In some cases, getting legal insurance to protect yourself from the consequences of possible legal action makes financial sense.

The interactive legal insurance comparison on makes it easy to find the most affordable legal insurance which includes the coverages you need.

Telecommunications play an increasingly important role in modern life. The unbiased telecom comparisons on make it easy to find the cheapest mobile plans, home phone plans, Internet plans and TV plans which fit your specific needs.

You can find all telecom comparisons here.

Health insurance

Compare all Swiss compulsory health insurance policies based on your specific needs with the unbiased health insurance comparison.

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Savings Accounts

Find the most favorable Swiss savings account for your individual needs.

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Private Accounts

Find the most favorable Swiss checking account for your specific banking needs.

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Banking Packages

Find the right Swiss banking bundle for your specific needs.

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Credit Cards

Use the most comprehensive Swiss credit card comparison to find the right credit cards for your needs.

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Use this nifty tool to find the most affordable mobile roaming solutions for your mobile plan or prepaid mobile service.

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Broadband Internet

Find the most affordable Swiss broadband Internet based on your address and specific Internet needs.

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TV Plans

Compare the costs and features of Swiss TV plans and find the best plan for your entertainment needs.

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Landline Phone Plans

Find the most affordable Swiss home phone plan for your specific telecom needs.

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Telecom Package Deals

Use the free and unbiased comparison of Swiss bundled Internet, landline and TV packages to find the right telecom plan for your home.

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All Swiss Financial Calculators

Use these powerful calculators to calculate investments, insurance, mortgages, loans, taxes and many other areas of finance.

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Trading Calculators

Use these investment calculators to perform many different calculations related to investing and trading.

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Use the comprehensive and unbiased Swiss comparisons to find the right banking, insurance and telecom solutions.

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