Telecom Calculators Overview


Use the free Swiss telecom calculators by independent online comparison service to optimize your telecom spending.

Roaming Calculator

Find the cheapest way to make calls and get online while traveling with the mobile plan or prepaid offer that you already use.
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Mobile Plan and Device Cost Calculator

The mobile plan and device cost calculator helps you easily compare two different phone offers to find the real cost of each offer.
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Interval Billing Calculator

The interval billing calculator on makes it easy to find out how your phone plan’s interval billing schedule impacts the cost of making phone calls.
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Download Calculator

The download calculator makes it easy to find out how much time it takes you to download data based on the speed of your Internet connection.
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Bytes and Bits Data Calculator

The bytes and bits data calculator makes it easy to convert bits to bytes and vice versa. Various subunits can also be calculated.
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Notice Period Calculator

The notice period calculator on makes it easy to find the date on which a contract will be terminated based on the notice period.
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Discount Calculator

Find the value of a discount as a percentage or find the regular price or discounted price of a product or service. The discount calculator can also be used to calculate the benefits of special telecom offers.
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Percentage Calculator

The Swiss percentage calculator can be used to find percentage rates, final amounts, initial amounts, increases or decreases as percentages, among other functions. This tool can also be used to make percentage calculations related to telecom costs.
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