Swiss Broadband Internet Plan Comparison

A free and unbiased comparison of Swiss broadband Internet plan costs and features.

The broadband Internet plan comparison accounts for all relevant low-speed, mid-speed and high-speed Internet connection plans. The comparison includes both stand-alone broadband connections and telecom bundles.

You can limit comparison results by specifying the minimum data transfer speed you want in Mbps, whether or not you want youth offers to be included, and whether or not you need a symmetrical connection. Only plans which match all of your criteria will be included in the comparison.

Information about each plan is listed individually. Information provided includes the data-transfer speed (upload and download speeds for optical fiber, copper phone line and cable network versions), monthly plan fee, one-time costs (like activation fees), the total annual cost, additional services, the minimum contract term, the contract termination notice period, the network technology used and the customer satisfaction rating.

You can use the “address-based comparison” option to limit comparison results to broadband Internet plans and networks (optical fiber, cable, phone line) which are available at your address. Select the option “Countrywide plans only” to exclude plans which are not available throughout Switzerland.

In addition to data transfer speeds, you can also specify whether or not you want additional telecom services like television or landline telephone plans. Results are automatically limited to plans which include all of the specified services.

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Broadband plans from these providers are included in the comparison

GGA Maur,, Init7, iWay, M-Budget, monzoon, Netstream (and Netvoip), Quickline, Salt, Solnet, Sunrise, Swisscom, TalkTalk, Teleboy, UPC, Wingo.

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