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How the car leasing calculator can help you:

  • Calculating the actual cost of your auto lease is quick and easy with the auto leasing calculator.
  • A general leasing calculator and other loan calculators are also available on You can find all calculators here.
  • The cost of a car lease is shown as an effective interest rate (sometimes called the lease rate).
  • Financing your vehicle via a personal loan may, in some cases, be the better option. You can get an overview of current costs of personal loans from all Swiss lenders in our comprehensive and unbiased loan comparison tool.
  • The calculator lets you choose between entering a predetermined residual value, or the agreed-on maximum annual mileage.
  • The calculator assumes that monthly leasing payment amounts will be identical and advanced at the beginning of each month. The down payment (upfront payment) and the 3 first monthly payments are generally calculated together as your “first payment.” It also doesn’t account for premature lease termination or a move outside of Switzerland. Swiss consumer credit law stipulates that premiums for obligatory insurance must be included in the total costs shown. However, lenders are not required to include premiums for supplementary payment protection insurance. Results are rounded off to the nearest 5 centimes.
  • Get more car leasing tips here.
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