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Swiss savings accounts deliver higher yields than private accounts and generally do not have account fees. However, savings accounts generally have tighter limitations than private accounts with regards to withdrawals.

You can compare the interest rates of Swiss savings accounts and find detailed information about withdrawal limits and incidental fees using the interactive Swiss savings account comparison on Find the best Swiss savings account now

In Switzerland, bank accounts which primarily deliver financial transaction services are known as private accounts. These are similar to checking accounts (but may not provide check services) or current accounts (but may not allow overdrafts).

With a few exceptions (primarily US tax residents), your citizenship does not normally affect your ability to open a Swiss private account – provided you are a resident. US tax residents may not be accepted at some Swiss banks, or additional requirements may apply.

If you do not have legal residence in Switzerland, special requirements may apply, depending on the bank. For example, you may only be able to open an account if you subscribe to the bank’s asset management services. If you open an account as a non-resident or keep your account after leaving Switzerland (when your bank allows this), you should pay attention to non-resident fees. These are special fees charged to non-residents in addition to standard account fees.

Account fees, debit card fees and fees charged for financial transactions vary broadly between private accounts, so comparing is key.

You can easily find the most affordable Swiss private account for the specific transactions you make using the interactive private account comparison on Find the best Swiss private account now

Once you are legally resident in Switzerland, you can generally apply for a credit card from any Swiss card issuer. Your nationality is not normally important. Some Swiss card issuers also issue cards to non-residents or let you keep your credit card after leaving if you secure the card with a bank guarantee.

Choosing the right Swiss credit card or prepaid card can save you money. Many different credit cards are offered in Switzerland. The fees and possible rewards and benefits vary broadly between cards. You can easily find the most affordable Swiss credit card which offers the rewards and/or complimentary benefits you want using the unbiased interactive Swiss credit card comparison on Find the best Swiss credit card now

Many Swiss banks bundle various banking services into packages. These packages often include debit cards, credit cards and pillar 3a retirement saving accounts in addition to private accounts and savings accounts. You can easily find the most affordable package for your specific needs using the banking package comparison on Find the best Swiss banking package now

If you invest in stocks, funds, ETFs, bonds or other securities yourself and want to use a broker which is a licensed Swiss bank, comparing Swiss stock brokers before opening an account is highly recommended. Brokerage and custodial fees vary broadly between Swiss stock brokers. Which Swiss stock broker is cheapest depends on what the kind of securities you invest in and the amount you invest in each position.

The interactive online trading comparison on lets you easily find the Swiss online trading platform which offers the services you need and compare costs based on your specific investment needs. Compare Swiss stock brokers now

All legal residents of Switzerland are required to take out basic compulsory health insurance. You have three months from the time you move to Switzerland to take out mandatory health insurance.

The coverage of basic compulsory Swiss health insurance is dictated by law, but is provided by private insurance companies. There are many different compulsory health insurance providers in Switzerland, and some of these insurers offer managed care health insurance in addition to the standard unmanaged compulsory health insurance model. There are only three age-based tiers for mandatory health insurance premiums: 0-18 years old; 19-25 years old; 26 years old or older. Your premiums do not increase based on your age after you turn 26.

Because compulsory Swiss health insurance is provided by private health insurance companies, there are huge differences in the insurance premiums charged between insurance providers. The deductible you choose also heavily impacts your premium, as does your place of residence (premiums are based on regional healthcare expenses). Managed care models are generally significantly less expensive than standard insurance which lets you visit any doctor or specialist without first consulting a healthcare manager (family doctor, telemedicine center or HMO).

You can quickly and easily find the cheapest Swiss mandatory health insurance based on your location, age(s) and the deductible and model of your choice using the interactive Swiss compulsory health insurance comparison. Compare compulsory Swiss health insurance now

Swiss asset management services can be expensive, but more affordable options have become available. These include services offered through digital channels and robo advisors.

Asset management services can be useful if you want to invest your money but do not have the time or know-how to do this yourself using a stock broker. But it is important to use the most affordable asset management service for the investments you want to make.

You can compare the costs of Swiss asset management services using the interactive comparison on Find the most affordable Swiss asset management service now

If you travel a lot, getting an annual travel insurance policy can work out cheaper and/or provide better coverage than getting insurance for each trip. You can compare Swiss annual travel insurance offers here

Whether or not you need legal insurance has a lot to do with your lifestyle and situation. Legal insurance protects your finances from the costs of possible court cases or lawyers’ fees.

The interactive Swiss legal insurance comparison makes it easy to find the most affordable insurance which covers the legal risks you are exposed to. Find the right Swiss legal insurance now

Home Internet connections can be fairly expensive in Switzerland. Taking a moment to compare Swiss Internet plans based on your needs and budget can help you get more bandwidth for less money.

The home Internet plan comparison lets you quickly find the cheapest Internet plan available at your address which meets your criteria. Find the right Swiss Internet plan now

Mobile services in Switzerland range from fairly cheap to very expensive. There are many different Swiss mobile service providers and plans, and at least as many differences in rates used. Which plan or prepaid offer is cheapest for you depends on the way you use your phone.

The interactive mobile plan and prepaid mobile comparison on lets you compare the costs of mobile services based on your specific needs (local calls and SMS messages, data, roaming, international calls). Find the best Swiss mobile plan or prepaid mobile offer now

The Swiss pillar 3a is a tax-privileged retirement saving and providence category. When you place assets in the pillar 3a by entrusting them to a Swiss retirement foundation, you can deduct contributions from your taxable income. Although there are limits on the amount you can contribute to your pillar 3a, using this retirement planning tool can help you reduce your tax bill by up to 1000 francs or even more.

Pillar 3a solutions include pillar 3a retirement savings accounts, pillar 3a retirement funds, and pillar 3a cash-value life insurance. You can compare pillar 3a savings accounts and mutual funds using these unbiased, interactive comparisons:
Pillar 3a savings account comparison
Pillar 3a retirement fund comparison

As a legal resident of Switzerland, you should have no trouble mortgaging a Swiss property if you meet affordability requirements – regardless of your citizenship. US tax residents may not be accepted at some Swiss banks, or additional requirements may apply.

If you want to buy a property in Switzerland using a mortgage, take the time to compare mortgage offers first. In Switzerland mortgages are offered by banks, insurance companies and pension funds. There are huge differences in interest rates between different mortgage providers. In many cases, mortgage rates are also open to negotiation. Compare advertised Swiss mortgage rates now

In order to get Swiss personal loans, you have to be legally resident in Switzerland. Most Swiss lenders only provide loans to expats who have lived in Switzerland for a certain amount of time (6 months or 1 year, for example).

There are legal limits on the interest which lenders can charge for personal loans. You have the right to make additional unscheduled loan repayments at any time without penalties. You also have the right to repay loans early at any time without penalties. A two-week waiting period applies between loan approval and the transfer of loans. You can cancel the loan contract within this two-week period without penalties.

Swiss personal loan providers must clearly advertise effective interest rates. The effective interest rate accounts for all costs associated with a personal loan.

Lenders advertise the lowest-possible and highest-possible interest rates. Your creditworthiness as per your income, expenses, property and Swiss credit history determines the exact interest rate you get. Find the cheapest Swiss personal loan now

Health insurance

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Life Insurance

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Legal Insurance Comparison

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Travel Insurance

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Rental Deposit Insurance

Compare Swiss rental deposit insurance and request free quotes.

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Savings Accounts

Find the most favorable Swiss savings account for your individual needs.

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Private Accounts

Find the most favorable Swiss checking account for your specific banking needs.

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Banking Packages

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Credit Cards

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Online Trading

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Retirement Funds

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Mobile Plans

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Broadband Internet

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TV Plans

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