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The useful mortgage calculators from independent online comparison service moneyland.ch make it easy to perform all kinds of mortgage calculations, including complex calculations.

Mortgage Calculator

The mortgage calculator from moneyland.ch makes it easy to find the costs, amortization, affordability and loan-to-value ratio of the mortgage on your home.

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Mortgage Affordability

The affordability calculator by moneyland.ch lets you quickly and easily calculate whether you can afford a mortgage.

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Maximum Purchase Price

Find out exactly how expensive a property you can buy using a mortgage.

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Mortgage Down-Payment Calculator

Use the minimum down-payment mortgage calculator to find out what portion of the cost of financing your home needs to be covered by your own assets.

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Minimum Income Mortgage Calculator

Use the minimum income mortgage calculator to find out how high your income needs to be in order to be approved for a specific mortgage.

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Early Mortgage Termination

Calculate whether or not withdrawing from your mortgage agreement ahead of schedule is worth it for you.

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Home Rent or Buy Calculator

Use the rent or buy calculator to find out whether renting or buying a home is the better financial move.

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Mortgage Rate Assistant

Find the most affordable mortgage interest rate available in Switzerland for any mortgage type.

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Mortgage Rate Analysis Tool

Find the average annual interest rate charged for one or multiple Swiss mortgages based on historical data to date.

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Compare indicative interest rates for different types of mortgages and construction loans and seamlessly request unbinding quotes.

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Loan & Mortgage Comparisons

Use the leading, unbiased Swiss loan and mortgage comparisons to find the best financing solutions and cut costs.

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