Hospital Insurance: Compare Premiums and Services

Compare Swiss hospital insurance premiums and services.

The most comprehensive and unbiased comparison of Swiss supplementary hospital (inpatient) insurance policies.

Find the best-value supplementary hospital insurance offers to complement your compulsory basic health insurance and outpatient insurance coverage.

New: the comparison now integrates 42 relevant Swiss hospitals and clinics, including clinics operated by the Hirslanden Hospital Group and Swiss Medical Networks (SMN). You can filter the comparison results by specific hospitals covered. Only insurance policies which fully cover the costs of treatment at selected hospitals will appear in the results list.

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General ward, flexible, private ward and semi-private ward supplemental hospital insurance

The comparison shows the premiums, policies and benefits of four different insurance models per hospital insurance provider: General ward, semi-private ward, private ward and the flex model.

Semi-private ward insurance is notably more expensive than general ward insurance, but covers a 2-bed shared room and lets you choose your doctor. The even more expensive private ward insurance covers the cost of a private hospital room and lets you choose which doctor you want to be treated by.

Flex hospital insurance lets you choose which ward you want to stay in when you check in to a hospital.

Hospital insurance: Useful information

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Selection of health insurance companies

Assura, Atupri, Concordia, CSS, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, Innova, KPT, ÖKK, Sanagate, Sanitas, Swica, Visana.

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