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A free and unbiased comparison of the roaming services offered by Swiss telecom providers.

Interactive Swiss mobile roaming calculator
The comprehensive Swiss roaming calculator makes helps you quickly find the best solution for making phone calls and using mobile data while traveling outside of Switzerland. You can find the roaming calculator here.

Roaming services from Swiss mobile service providers
Get a clear overview of the roaming rates used by Swiss mobile telecom service providers by requesting a detailed PDF comparison in the field below. An interactive, online comparison will be available shortly.

The comparison includes roaming options, roaming packages and data roaming packages from all major Swiss mobile telecom service providers. Features compared include: costs (including base fees, data-based fees and time-based fees); services included; validity periods.

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Selection of roaming providers compared
Aldi, CoopMobile, Era, Koko Mobile, Lebara, M-Budget, Qynamic, Salt, SimplyMobile, Sunrise, Swisscom, SWISS Mobile, TalkTalk, UPC, Wingo, Yallo.

If you would like a tabular comparison of roaming offers, just request the free PDF here.

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