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This unbiased comparison of mandatory Swiss health insurance offers accounts for more than 240,000 pieces of insurance premium data. The comparison uses the official compulsory health insurance premium data published by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Compare Swiss health insurance premiums now

The data is updated regularly. Update status: Premiums 2024.

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Swiss Compulsory Health Insurance FAQs

More About Health Insurance

If you are generally healthy and rarely make use of medical care, then the insurance premium is the primary criteria to consider. In this case, you can simply choose the cheapest compulsory health insurance with the highest deductible and the cheapest managed care model for your profile. If you want to use specific doctors or services, then there are additional criteria to consider. For example, most health insurance companies only let you take out their supplementary health insurance policies if you get your compulsory health insurance from them as well. You can find additional criteria to consider in the guide to choosing the best Swiss health insurance.

The annual deductible is the portion of covered healthcare costs which you have to cover yourself each year before the insurance begins to pay for medical bills. The comparison automatically finds the cheapest compulsory health insurance based on the deductible you choose. If you are not sure which deductible is right for you, the “optimal deductible” option recommends the ideal deductible based on your anticipated healthcare costs. Compare Swiss compulsory health insurance now

Alternatively, you can use the separate health insurance deductible calculator which helps you find the ideal deductible based on your healthcare costs and the insurance premiums for each deductible model. Calculate your health insurance deductible now

The database of compulsory health insurance premiums published by the Swiss federal government differentiates between the standard, HMO, family doctor, and telemedicine insurance models. However, some health insurance providers offer hybrids of these models.

The standard health insurance model does not use managed care. You can visit any doctor or specialist in Switzerland at any time and still benefit from insurance coverage. The other models are managed care models which use an HMO center, family doctor (general practitioner) or telemedicine service as a managed care provider. You must use this managed care provider as a first stop for healthcare. The managed care provider then refers you to doctors or specialists as needed. The premiums of managed care health insurance are generally cheaper than those charged for standard health insurance.

You can find more information in the guide to Swiss compulsory health insurance models

Yes. Some health insurance providers offer discounts for families with several children. These discounts are automatically accounted for in the moneyland.ch comparison. You can find more information in the guide to health insurance discounts for families and children.

The Swiss law governing compulsory health insurance (KVG) lays out the coverage which compulsory health insurance provides. But while the insurance coverage may be identical, there are still differences between insurance providers in the way it is delivered. These differences are not significant if you are healthy and do not use your health insurance much. However, they are important to consider if you have poor health or otherwise make use of your health insurance frequently.

Possible differences between insurance providers include: the quality of customer service; coverage for medicines in addition to legally-required coverage; the way in which insurance claims are settled (directly or indirectly); the way in which your health insurance premiums are billed. If you are chronically ill, it is worth considering health insurance providers with good customer satisfaction ratings, even if they are not the cheapest available options. You can find more information on the differences between insurance providers in the guide to budget health insurance providers.

Regular health insurance customer satisfaction surveys conducted by moneyland.ch provide clear insights into customer satisfaction with different Swiss health insurance providers. Customer satisfaction criteria include: general satisfaction; the helpfulness of employees; flexibility with regards to premium billing; the time required for reimbursement of covered healthcare costs; and the clarity of insurance information provided. There are major differences in customer satisfaction between different health insurance providers. You can find clear customer satisfaction ratings on the info pages of each health insurance policy listed in the comparison. You can also easily sort compulsory health insurance offers based on customer satisfaction ratings.

The easiest way to cut the cost of compulsory Swiss health insurance is to use the unbiased moneyland.ch health insurance comparison to find the cheapest compulsory health insurance. By using managed care insurance and optimizing your insurance deductible, you can save hundreds or even in excess of 1000 Swiss francs per year. You can find more premiums saving tips in the guide to cutting the cost of compulsory Swiss health insurance.

In recent years, compulsory Swiss health insurance premiums have, as a whole, increased steadily each year. But there have been major differences between health insurance providers, insurance models, and age groups. In some cases, premiums for policyholders of some insurance companies or managed care models, or those for certain age groups, have actually gotten lower. To help you understand whether a specific insurance policy has gotten cheaper or more expensive year on year, the moneyland.ch comparison clearly shows how the cost of each product has developed in recent years. You can find this information going back to 2015 in the detailed information breakdowns of each compulsory health insurance offer.

The biggest cost pitfalls are: choosing the wrong deductible; using the wrong insurance model; not understanding or following the rules of managed care insurance (in which case costs may not be covered); and forgetting to file claims for healthcare expenses. You can find out how to avoid unnecessary costs in the guide to health insurance cost pitfalls.

Millions of residents of Switzerland are entitled to claim health insurance premium reductions. These are government subsidies which can cover a significant portion of the cost of compulsory health insurance. The size of premium reduction subsidies, eligibility requirement, and the steps necessary to obtain these subsidies all vary between cantons. You can get informed with the guide to Swiss compulsory health insurance premium reductions.

If you want to change health insurance providers, you must give notice of termination to your current compulsory health insurance provider by the end of November each year. Find more information in the guide to terminating your health insurance policy.

Depending on your insurance and deductible models, you may also be able to terminate your policy in the middle of the year. You can find more information in the guide to mid-year compulsory health insurance terminations.

If you leave Switzerland, you can terminate your compulsory health insurance policy at the time that you leave the country.

In addition to letting you compare insurance premiums, the moneyland.ch compulsory health insurance comparison provides a great deal of information about health insurance providers and policies. Information provided includes: The length of time required for settlement of payments (based on FOPH data and moneyland.ch research); the claim settlement methods used (direct or indirect); the financial reserves of each health insurance provider; the administrative costs of each insurance provider; the number of residents with compulsory health insurance from each insurance provider; applicable family discounts; in-network pharmacies and doctors; customer satisfaction; features specific to specific health insurance models.

Just use the filters available in the moneyland.ch health insurance comparison to limit results to the medical network of your choice. Filters include more than 50 different doctor, telemedicine and pharmacy networks. Only health insurance offers which cover your preferred medical network(s) are shown in comparison results. Some of the medical networks which you can filter by are: Argomed; Ärztenetz Nordwest; Centramed; Doccare; Docnet; Hawa; LuMed; Medbase; Medgate; MediX; Medi24; Monvia; Réseau Delta; Sanacare; Sante24; TopPharm and many more.

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