Health Insurance Comparison: Premiums 2020

Easily find the most affordable Swiss health insurance provider and the right deductible for your needs. Get free quotes.

Compulsory health insurance premiums 2020: The most comprehensive unbiased health insurance comparison in Switzerland. All policies and more than 250,000 pieces of data are analyzed on an ongoing basis.

The detailed breakdown now includes historical health insurance premiums dating back to 2015 and clearly shows the corresponding premium increases.

The comparison shows all standard, HMO, family doctor, telemedicine and pharmacy models which match your criteria and are available in your place of residence. All data is based on official premium information released by the Federal Government (FOPH, Priminfo).

Health insurance partners compared

You can filter health insurance comparison results by their partnerships with 50 different Swiss family doctor, telemedicine and pharmacy networks. When you apply these filters, only the insurance policies which work with the selected medical networks will appear in the results list. Networks included in the comparison: Argomed, Ärztenetz Nordwest, Centramed, Doccare, Docnet, Hawa, LuMed, Medbase, Medgate, MediX, Medi24, Monvia, Réseau Delta, Sanacare, Sante24, TopPharm and many more.

Health insurance information compared

You can find comprehensive information about any insurance policy listed in the health insurance comparison results via its "info" link. The information pages show everything from the average wait before reimbursement (according to FOPH data and up-to-date research) to the claim payout method (tiers payant or tiers garant), the insurance company's financial reserves, the customer satisfaction, number of policyholders, applicable child discounts, your options for choosing doctors and the peculiarities of the relevant health insurance model.

Basic health insurance: Deductible calculator

You can compare all premiums for each deductible model individually. If you want to find the best deductible for your estimated healthcare costs, just choose the “Optimal deductible” option. When you select that option, the comparison automatically calculates the best-value deductible for each available policy. You can also use the health insurance deductible calculator.

The comparison also accounts for family discounts, areas serviced by health insurance and areas serviced by HMO or family doctor models from specific insurance providers.

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Agrisano, AMB Assurances, Aquilana, Arcosana, Assura, Atupri, Avenir Krankenversicherung, Krankenkasse Birchmeier, Compact, Concordia, CSS, Easy Sana, EGK, Kranken- und Unfallkasse Einsiedeln, Krankenversicherung Flaachtal, Galenos, Glarner Krankenversicherung, Helsana, Ingenbohl, Intras, Klug, KPT, Lumneziana, Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland, Groupe Mutuel, ÖKK, Philos Krankenversicherung, Progrès, Provita, Rhenusana, sana24, Sanagate, Sanavals, Sanitas, Krankenkasse Simplon, SLKK, Sodalis, Krankenkasse Steffisburg, Krankenkasse Stoffel, Sumiswalder, Supra, Swica, Sympany (Kolping), Sympany (Moove), Sympany (Vivao), Caisse Maladie de la Vallée d’Entremont, Visana, Visperterminen, vita surselva, Vivacare, Krankenkasse Wädenswil.

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