Editorial Department

The editorial team is made up of designated experts and specialized journalists.

Editorial guidelines

All editorial content – including guides, news reports and glossary entries – is created with a strong emphasis on quality. Content must follow strict editorial guidelines.

  • Independence: The absence of bias is central to content and the editorial team. Service providers do not have the option of paying to influence content. The guarantee of independence applies to all content.  
  • Careful research: places a strong emphasis on high-quality research. The editorial team takes sufficient time to research topics exhaustively when creating content.
  • Fact checks: All content is cross-checked by multiple members of the editorial team and improved as necessary.
  • A focus on the reader: Content must always be in the best interest of consumers.
  • Up to date content: Guides are regularly updated to reflect the current landscape.
  • Clarity: The editorial team aims to make all content – including articles dealing with complex topics – relatively clear and easy to understand. With the exception of some specialized articles, the content on can be understood by the average consumer.

Experts and editorial team

The expert and editorial team currently includes:

  • Benjamin Manz: Banking and personal finance expert.
  • Dan Urner: Editor specialized in financial and consumer topics.
  • Daniel Dreier: Expert in personal finance and specialized topics.
  • Felix Oeschger: Analyst. Investment and mortgage expert.
  • Ralf Beyeler: Telecom and personal finance expert.
  • Raphael Knecht: Editor and analyst specialized in economics and finance.
  • Sabrina Widmer: Data analyst.

Our goal: To help consumers make educated decisions

The goal of editorial content on is to create transparency in the market and to inform consumers about financial topics in a way that is easy to understand. Consumers in Switzerland collectively lose vast amounts of money every year simply because they are poorly informed and opt for products which are not the best match for their needs. The editorial team is dedicated to improving the situation by creating content which improves financial literacy.

Sources provides information about various topics related to personal finance. In addition to its own expertise and research, also conducts regular surveys of consumers and service providers which are also a key source of data used in content. Sources are clearly referenced in content.

The primary sources of information for editorial content include the following:

  • Product information: regularly evaluates product data published by banks, insurance companies, telecom companies, and other service providers. Currently, holds more than 3 million pieces of data related to products, and much of this data is not published anywhere else. This data, in turn, provides the basis for the editorial content which informs readers.
  • Independent surveys: regularly engages Swiss market research institutes to conduct survey on various topics. These surveys form the basis of numerous studies and news reports. The market research institute used for the survey is always clearly referenced.
  • Federal and cantonal databases: Databases maintained by Swiss federal and cantonal government agencies are regularly used by as a source of information – for insurance comparisons, calculators and guides, for example. Sources are always clearly shown in content.
  • Research: obtains information which is not published on the Internet directly from service providers and government offices. Opinions from third-party experts, universities, and specialists may also be included in content.

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