Mobile Plan Comparison Switzerland

A free and unbiased comparison of the mobile plans and prepaid packages offered by Swiss telecom providers.

The unbiased mobile plan comparison – the most comprehensive in Switzerland – accounts for all relevant mobile plans and prepaid offers. It also includes youth offers and data-only plans. Useful filters and sort options make finding the right mobile offer for your needs simple and fast. The breakdown of comparison results automatically shows you whether optional add-ons could benefit you, and if so, which optional add-ons are recommended.

The comparison accounts for phone calls within Switzerland, mobile data within Switzerland, SMS messages within Switzerland, international phone calls to a selected country and roaming (roaming within a selected country, roaming calls to Switzerland, data roaming, SMS messages).

Results show basic monthly fees with or without a phone purchase plan, one-time costs, initial credits, discounts, costs of local use, costs of international use, roaming costs and total annual costs, among others. The breakdown also shows allowances included in the offer and supplementary options used in the comparison.

The info pages corresponding to individual products show additional services and properties applicable to the product, including the network technology available (3G, 4G, 5G), data upload and download speeds, the minimum contract term, online and offline SIM activation fees and network quality. Customer satisfaction ratings are based on the results of a recent survey.

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Selection of mobile plan providers compared

ALDI SUISSE mobile, Coop Mobile, Das ABO, Das PREPAY, digitec, Lebara, Lidl, M-Budget, Mucho, ok.– (Valora), Ortel, Quickline, Salt, Sunrise, Swisscom, TalkTalk, UPC, Wingo, Yallo.

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