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Swiss Home Telecom Package Comparison 2024

The bundled TV, Internet and home phone package comparison on accounts for all Swiss home telecom plans for bundled Internet, TV and landline phone connections. Compare TV, Internet and home phone bundles now

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Three simple steps: This is how the home telecom comparison works.

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In the first step, you choose or create a user profile and specify your telecom needs. You have the option of adding your address to find packages available at your location.


In the second step, you can compare all Swiss bundled TV, Internet and phone plans including special promotional offers.

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In the third step, you can apply for the telecom package of your choice directly online.

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Bundled TV, Internet and Home Phone Package FAQ

About the Telecom Package Comparison

You can easily find the best home telecom package for Internet, TV and/or landline telephones using the unbiased bundled TV, Internet and phone comparison on

You can specify many different criteria for Internet, TV and home phone connections.

Using the address-based comparison option is beneficial because there are major differences in the telecom networks available at different locations. Many home telecom offers are only available in specific cities. This is especially true for Internet connections. Differences in availability are less common for home phone and TV plans.

You can set these criteria for comparisons:


  • Minimum download speed.
  • Symmetrical Internet connections only.


  • Image quality and number of channels.
  • Availability of Teleclub or MySports pay TV bundles.
  • TV recording capacity in hours.
  • Time shifting.
  • Live TV pause.
  • Access via smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, Apple TV or Android TV.
  • Video on demand.
  • Number of set-top boxes (receivers) per plan.

Home phone:

  • Phone calls within Switzerland.
  • International phone calls.

Only packages which match all of your Internet, TV and landline criteria appear in comparison results.

Internet connections in particular can vary broadly depending on your address. Some telecom service providers offer different plans and/or pricing in different regions.

Even within a city or town, available Internet speeds can vary significantly. This is particularly true for Internet connections which make use of copper telephone line networks. Address-based comparisons on account for the Internet speeds which are available at your specific location.

Landline phone connections and TV reception does not vary between locations.

When you select the address-based comparison, the comparison accesses information from telecom service providers via API to determine which telecom networks are available at your address. Only plans which are available at your address are included in comparison results. If you choose to compare countrywide offers only, results only include plans which are available throughout Switzerland.

Most Swiss telecom service providers use modular systems for telecom packages. An Internet plan is generally required. You then have the option of adding either a TV plan or a home phone plan, or both.

There are also service providers which offer combined plans. These plans combine specific Internet, TV and phone plans in a single plan. Some telecom service providers let you add optional bundles or options to their combined plans.

There are many factors which determine the cost of telecom packages.

These costs are clearly shown in the cost breakdowns of offers included in comparison results:

  • One-time costs (for the full package and/or individual plans).
  • Basic monthly fees (for the full package or for individual services, depending on the offer).
  • Monthly fees for additional set-top boxes.
  • Monthly fees for phone calls and applicable landline bundles or options.
  • Total combined costs for the first year.

Customer satisfaction ratings for telecom service providers are also clearly shown in comparison results. Plan breakdowns also include the following information:

  • Breakdown of services included.
  • Number of TV channels available in SD, HD and UHD quality.
  • Live TV pause.
  • TV time shifting.
  • TV recording capacity
  • Availability of optional TV bundles or pay TV offers.

Some service providers occasionally run special promotions for bundled TV, Internet and phone plans. Taking advantage of these can save you a lot of money. Special promotions are included in the home TV, Internet and phone package comparison and are updated on an ongoing basis.

The unbiased TV, Internet and home phone comparison on includes these telecom service providers: GGA Maurgreen.chInit7iWayM-BudgetmonzoonPeoplefoneQuicklineSaltSipcallSolnet, 

Established Swiss telecom expert Ralf Beyeler from is happy help and will answer your questions free of charge. Just ask the expert.

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