Swiss Landline Telephone Plan Comparison

A free and unbiased comparison of Swiss landline telephone plan costs and features.

The landline telephone comparison on accounts for all relevant Swiss landline connection offers. In addition to stand-alone landline plans, the comparison also includes bundled telecom offers.

You can choose to specify your estimated number of phone calls and call time (minutes per call). In addition to landline calls within Switzerland, you can also specify your estimated international calls. Costs comparisons account for billing schedules (per-minute, per-second, etc.), flat fees and optional bundles. If a plan is offered in multiple versions, the most affordable version of the plan is used for the comparison.

The comparison clearly shows monthly plan fees, one-time costs (like activation fees), minimum contract terms, contract termination notice periods and customer satisfaction ratings.

If you need other telecom services in addition to a landline plan – such as a broadband Internet plan or TV plan – you can simply specify the services you want. Only plans which include the services you want are shown in the comparison.

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Landline telephone plans from these providers are included in the comparison

GGA Maur,, iWay, M-Budget, Netstream (and Netvoip), Peoplefone, Quickline, SaltSolnet, Sipcall, Sunrise, Swisscom, TalkTalk, Teleboy, UPCWingo.

How does the landline telephone comparison work?


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