Legal affiliation and the websites affiliated with are operated by AG based in Zurich: AG
Hottingerstrasse 12
8032 Zurich, Switzerland

referred to as « AG».

Cost-free information AG provides comparison information on to users on a free-of-charge basis.

Furthermore, endeavors to deliver useful and current services and content to its users. All comparison tools are guaranteed to be free of any bias.

The efforts associated with providing services are financed by two possible sources of income. Advertisement is one form of financing. Advertisements are always recognizable as such. may also receive compensation for a click, or a contact or quote request to a service provider. Service providers benefit by saving money and effort – for administration, for example – among other benefits.

Terms of use AG cannot guarantee for the correctness, accuracy or currency of the information on the websites belonging to AG. However, AG strives for correctness of the information. Also, AG cannot guarantee for the technical availability of the websites. AG expressly reserves the right to change the published content or to disable it from public access.

No offers

The content and information placed on the websites belonging to AG are neither offers nor recommendations to sign a contract or purchase a service or product.

Third-party suppliers

As soon as the user clicks onto an advertising space or a link on the websites of a third-party supplier, the user leaves the sphere of influence of AG. AG cannot guarantee that third-party suppliers keep to the data protection regulations that AG keeps to. AG recommends users to read the data protection statements of the according parties.

If the users enters his contact data in order to be contacted by a third-party supplier – for example to receive quotes within the comparison tools on – he ensures that the entered contact data is correct. Test or misleading requests are not allowed.

Intellectual property

All content, such as texts, illustrations, designs, logos, processes as well as the representation on the websites belonging to AG, are proprietary and subject to copyright of AG and its associated companies. AG expressly reserves all rights concerning this matter as well as to taking legal action in the case of abuse. By the usage of content, no rights of content or of the underlying software whatsoever are conferred. This also applies to the term «Moneyland», which is a registered trademark.

Content can be viewed or printed if it is used for private and non-commercial purposes only. Further use or reproduction of content for public or commercial use is not permitted. Storage on electronic, optical or other data carriers, reprint or publishing of content on other Internet pages is only possible upon written agreement with AG. Third parties who want to offer services with direct reference to or its content need a written agreement with AG.

No liability

Liability claims towards AG concerning loss including direct or indirect consequential loss of material or immaterial type due to the use or disuse of provided content cannot be made. Also, loss or consequential loss due to the use of incorrect or incomplete information provided by AG is excluded.

Liability for slight and ordinary negligence is excluded. AG works with links to other websites. AG cannot take content-related or legal responsibility for the content of these websites belonging to third-party suppliers.

Also liability claims towards AG concerning material or immaterial loss due to products or services by providers mentioned on the websites belonging to AG cannot be made. This also applies to products or services by providers who received forwarded contact requests by users.

Place of jurisdiction

Swiss law shall apply. Place of jurisdiction is the city of Zurich, Switzerland.

In the event of litigation or dispute, only the German version of this website shall be definitive.

Last updated: July 2018

More information: Data protection

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