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Compare Swiss retirement account features and interest rates for 2019 and get free quotes.

The 3a retirement account comparison by includes all relevant Swiss 3a accounts. Results are calculated based on yield-earning potential and account for factors like compounding interest, deposits held and annual contributions.

3a retirement accounts: the costs compared

Practical: Detailed breakdowns of key information provide a clear overview of fees, interest rates and notice periods. Filter criteria let you filter results to show only accounts which have no administrative fees.

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Pillar 3a: regulated retirement savings

In the Swiss pension system, the third pillar represents private, voluntary retirement savings. While no contribution or withdrawal limits are placed on 3b private retirement savings, 3a savings are tax preferred so contributions and withdrawals are regulated. 3a assets cannot be withdrawn until 5 years prior to retirement age (64 years old for women, 65 years old for men).

Pillar 3a: tax benefits

Holding assets as 3a retirement savings comes with many tax benefits. Tax savings vary based on taxable income, but can equal as much as 30 percent of the contributed amount.

In the year 2019, total contributions for those who also contribute to an occupational pension fund cannot exceed 6826 francs. Residents who do not contribute to an occupational pension scheme can contribute as much as 20 percent of their annual income to 3a savings, up to an annual limit of 34,128 francs (in 2019). Get an overview of annual 3a contribution limits in recent years here.

Third pillar: early withdrawal

An early withdrawal of 3a assets is only allowed in very specific cases. Circumstances under which you will normally be able to withdraw 3a assets ahead of retirement include: leaving Switzerland permanently, becoming self-employed, buying a home for use as a primary residence, buying shares in a housing cooperative or amortizing a mortgage on your primary residence. A favorable capital withdrawal tax is levied when you withdraw your 3a assets.

Advantages of 3a retirement accounts

+ Interest rates are generally higher than those of savings accounts and medium term notes.
+ Annual contributions can be deducted from your taxable income.
+ 3a accounts have a lower risk than 3a investment funds.

Disadvantages of 3a retirement accounts

- Limits on contributions.
- Limits on withdrawals: 3a assets are withheld and can only be withdrawn under very specific circumstances.
- In some cases, long-term returns may be lower than those delivered by higher-risk investments.

3a account providers included in the comparison

Aargauische Kantonalbank (AKB)Acrevis BankAEK Bank 1826Alpha RHEINTAL BankAlternative BankAppenzeller Kantonalbank (APPKB)Baloise Bank SoBaBancaStatoBank BSUBank CIC (Schweiz)Bank ClerBank EEKBank EKIBank GantrischBank Linth LLBBank J. Safra Sarasin, Bank Sparhafen ZürichBank ThalwilBank ZimmerbergBank ZweiplusBasellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB)Basler Kantonalbank (BKB)BBO Bank Brienz OberhasliBerner Kantonalbank (BEKB)Bezirks-Sparkasse DielsdorfCaisse d'Epargne de Cossonay société coopérativeClientis Bank im Thal, Clientis Bank LeerauClientis Bank OberaargauClientis Bank ThurClientis Bank ToggenburgClientis Biene Bank im RheintalClientis BS Bank SchaffhausenClientis Caisse d'Epargne CECClientis EB Entlebucher BankClientis Regiobank MännedorfClientis Spar- und Leihkasse ThayngenClientis Sparcassa 1816Clientis Sparkasse OftringenClientis Sparkasse SenseClientis Zürcher RegionalbankCredit SuisseDC Bank Deposito-Cassa der Stadt BernErsparniskasse Rüeggisberg (EKR)Ersparniskasse SchaffhausenFreiburger KantonalbankGeneraliGenfer Kantonalbank (BCGE)Glarner KantonalbankGraubündner Kantonalbank (GKB)GRB Glarner RegionalbankHypothekarbank LenzburgJurassische Kantonalbank (BCJ)Leihkasse Stammheim, Luzerner Kantonalbank (LUKB)Migros BankNeue Aargauer BankNeuenburger Kantonalbank (BCN)Nidwaldner Kantonalbank (NKB)Obwaldner Kantonalbank (OKB)PostFinanceRaiffeisenRegiobank SolothurnSB Saanen BankSchaffhauser Kantonalbank (SHKB)Schwyzer Kantonalbank (SZKB)Spar + Leihkasse Gürbetal SLGSpar + Leihkasse MünsingenSpar- und Leihkasse BucheggbergSpar- und Leihkasse Frutigen, Sparkasse Schwyz AGSt. Galler Kantonalbank (SGKB)Thurgauer Kantonalbank (TKB), UBSUrner Kantonalbank (URKB)Vadian BankValiant BankVorarlberger Landes- und HypothekenbankWaadtländische Kantonalbank (BCV)Walliser Kantonalbank (BCVS)WIR BankZuger KantonalbankZürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB)Zürcher LandbankBanca Popolare di Sondrio (Suisse)Cornèr BancaSwiss LifeSpar- und Leihkasse Wynigen, Liberty, Crédit Agricole next bank.

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