Data Protection Policy AG ( works to create greater transparency in respective Swiss market sectors by providing unbiased comparisons and calculators. In order to offer you as a user of websites these services, requires certain user information. Depending on how you choose to use websites, the required information may include personal information.

Protecting user information is of key importance to is committed to the careful use of user information solely for the purposes intended by the user and adheres to the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and other applicable laws. This privacy protection policy provides detailed information about which information is collected by through its websites and how this information is used.

Recorded personal information is used solely for the fulfillment of contracts unless you grant express permission to use your information for other purposes or applicable laws allow for its further use. employees are committed to confidentiality in the safekeeping of personal information. has also taken organizational and technical measures (including IT security measures) to ensure the protection of personal information stored electronically on IT systems. Ongoing training ensures that employees are educated in privacy protection and information security.

Contact and its affiliated websites are provided and administrated by AG which is headquartered in Zurich.

You can contact AG at: AG
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8006 Zürich is represented by Benjamin Manz (chief executive officer).

Which information is collected by

General: When you use a website, records a number of different pieces of information related to site use. These include the time and date of the site visit, information about the web browser used, your IP address and the URLs of the web pages which you visit.

Cookies: In addition to cookies provided by third-party service providers (see also: Can information be transferred to third parties and/or transferred outside of Switzerland?), records user information using its own cookies. These cookies record the session ID, which enables the temporary storage of information which you enter in relevant fields for the duration of your visit so that you do not need to enter the same information repeatedly. You can disable cookies at any time by changing the relevant settings in your browser settings.

Depending on how you use websites, may record additional information. This additional information is as follows:

Information request forms: Some web pages give you the option of entering an email address in order to obtain information in PDF format via email free of charge. When you enter an email in an email request form, records the entered email address to which the information in PDF format is sent.

Calculators: provides unbiased calculators which can be used free of charge. When you use these calculators, the figures which you enter are recorded.

Comparisons: provides unbiased product comparison tools which can be used free of charge. When you use these comparisons, the figures which you enter are recorded. If you would like to be contacted directly by service providers, you are required to enter contact information and this information is recorded by Depending on the comparison tool used, recorded information may include your: title; given name, surname; phone number; email address; residential address; nationality; selected supplementary services; contact preferences.

Forum: You have the option of posting questions in the forum and exchanging information with other users and experts. In order to log in to the forum, you must enter an email address. The email address which you enter is recorded by Your forum posts and other information which you enter on a voluntary basis (such as your place of residence or time zone) are also recorded.

Questions sent to via email: You have the option of sending questions to by email at any time. When you send an email to, your email address and the content of your email is recorded. may anonymize the questions which you send by email and post them in its forum. experts may respond to these questions via forum posts.

Fields in which personal information which is required for the use of a service are marked as such. Information can be entered into additional fields if the user so chooses. You may request that stop using this voluntarily-provided personal information at any time.

Duration of information storage only stores recorded personal information for as long as is necessary for the corresponding purpose or for as long as this is required by law.

When you create a account, the information entered when opening the account is stored indefinitely. You may request that delete your account at any time (see also: Your rights). If you request to have you account deleted, will delete the stored information unless prohibited to do so by law.

Can information be shared with third parties or transferred outside of Switzerland? does not share information with third parties unless this is explicitly stated in the privacy policy. Third parties with which shares data are carefully selected and adequate security measures are enacted to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your personal information.

Quote requests and similar services

When you as a user request to be contacted by specific service providers, request quotes from specific service providers or request any other service provided by a third party, may record and share the information which you provide with the specific third parties selected by you.

Contractors makes use of various third-party services (contractors), in order to maintain websites, to optimize its services and to offer you as a user greater value. To these ends, makes use of these third-party services: Google Analytics, DoubleClick for Publishers (Google), Google AdWords, YouTube (Google), MailChimp and Cloudfare.

Google Analytics use Google Analytics, an analysis service provided by Google Inc. (Google). Information collected by Google Analytics from web pages via cookies (including IP addresses) is transferred to and stored on Google servers in the United States. Google may use this information to evaluate the use of web pages and of services linked to the use of these web pages. According to Google, recorded IP addresses of users are not linked to other recorded user information. By using websites provided by, you as a user grant Google the right to process recorded information about you as a user. may also make use of remarketing options from Google Analytics for online marketing purposes and may use cookies for this purpose.

DoubleClick for Publishers (Google) makes use of the Google service DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) in order to integrate advertisements on DFP uses cookies to identify website users in order to deliver user-specific advertisements. You can disable the use of cookies at any time in your web browser settings.

Google AdWords

Google uses cookies to record information about users in order to identify users and deliver personalized advertisements via Google AdWords and to display user-specific advertisements on other websites after you have visited web pages (this process is known as remarketing). You can disable the use of cookies at any time in your web browser settings.

YouTube (Google) integrates videos on YouTube into its web pages. YouTube is a service provided by YouTube, LLC. 901 Cherry Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. When you visit a web page in which a YouTube video is embedded and click on the video, a link to YouTube servers is established.

Social Media Services may integrate plugins from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google (Google+) into its web pages. These plugins can record a limited amount of information about users.

MailChimp makes use of MailChimp for the delivery of its newsletters. You may deregister from the newsletter delivery service at any time by clicking on the deregistration link included in emails or by contacting directly via the contact options listed under the contact heading and requesting deregistration from the newsletter. MailChimp is a service provided by The Rocket Science Group, LLC, 512 Means Street, Suite 404, Atlanta, GA 30318, USA.

Cloudflare makes use of the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) in order to increase the speed and security of web pages. User information is temporarily stored on Cloudflare servers. Information is also stored in a Cloudflare cookie. Cloudflare is a service provided by Cloudflare Inc. headquartered in San Francisco, CA 94107, 101 Townsend St., USA.

Why does need to record user information? records user information in order to offer, develop and improve its services on an ongoing basis as well as to communicate with you as a user, to maintain its websites, for accounting, for market research, for marketing and for the analysis of the user base.

The way in which information is applied and purposed varies depending on the category of information and on the way in which is used. Possible further use cases are listed below:

Information request forms: Your email address is recorded in order for to send you the requested PDF via email.

Calculators: Which entered information is recorded depends on which calculator is used. records information entered into calculators in order to perform accurate calculations. Recorded information may also be used for anonymous evaluations. Unless you have entered an email address on when using other services or have logged in as a registered user, no connection is made between you and the information entered in calculators.

Comparisons without the use of contact forms: The information recorded depends on the comparison tool used. records information in order to accurately display relevant results. Information may also be recorded for use in anonymous evaluations. Unless you have entered an email address on when using other services or have logged in as a registered user, no connection is made between you and the information entered in comparisons.

Comparisons with the use of contact forms: If you as a user would like to request that a third-party service provider contact you (with a quote, for example) directly through comparisons, you will have to enter your personal contact information in a contact request form. Your contact information is recorded by and made available to the relevant third-party service provider under secure conditions. By filling out a contact request form, you grant the corresponding third-party service provider the right to use the information provided in order to contact you.

Forum: records your email address to enable the continuous use of the forum by you as a user. Posts published in the forum by you as a user are recorded so that they can remain visible to other users.

Questions via email: records your email address and the contents of your email messages in order to adequately answer your questions and to post the content anonymously on the forum so that questions and answers can be accessed by other users as well.

General notice about the use of email addresses: When you enter an email address on, may give you the option of receiving informative newsletters to the entered email address. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time using the unsubscribe link included with each newsletter or by contacting directly using the contact information provided under the contact heading and requesting deregistration from the newsletter (see also: contact).

What measures does take to insure the security of user information? takes multiple steps to ensure the best possible protection of user information. These steps include the following security measures:

Swiss servers: user information is stored on servers in Switzerland.

Confidentiality: All user information is managed on a strictly confidential basis. All employees are contractually obligated to maintain strict confidentiality in the management of all types of information.

Protection from attacks by third parties: makes every effort to protect its data banks from being accessed by third parties. To this end, web pages are subjected to regular examinations.

Secure data transfer: web pages are secured by SSL encryption.

Legal basis for the recording and use of information

The legal basis for the use of personal information by is primarily found in article 13, paragraph 2, section a of the FADP (the use of personal information for the purpose of creating or closing a contract; fulfills Article 6, section b of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) applicable in European Union member countries) and in article 13, paragraph 1 of the FADP (consent of affected individuals or legal obligation to process information; fulfills article 6, paragraph 1 of the EU GDPR).

When chooses to deny the closure of contracts to affected individuals due to misuse of services or other legitimate reasons, may choose to store the name, surname, address and email address of the affected individual as per article 13, paragraph 1 of the FADP (fulfills article 6, paragraph 1, section f of the EU GDPR).

The use of your personal information by third-party companies complies with article 13, paragraph 1 of the FADP (fulfills article 6, paragraph 1, section f of the EU GDPR).

Your rights

Upon request, will inform any affected individual about whether personal information linked to them is recorded by, and if such information is held by, provide information about which personal information it holds (right of confirmation, right of access).

Upon request by you as a user, will:

  • partially or completely refrain from recording your personal information (right to withdrawal of consent, right to be forgotten);
  • rectify errors in relevant personal information (right to rectification);
  • limit the processing of relevant personal information (right to restriction of processing; in this case, simply stores information or uses it to protect its legal rights or the legal rights of a third-party individual);
  • provide you with personal information linked to you in a structured, accessible and machine-readable format (right to data portability).

If you would like to place a request and exercise one or more of the rights described in this policy, for example by opting out of the newsletter or having your account deleted, you can simply make use of the deregistration link included in each newsletter or contact us using the information provided under the contact header.

If is unable to fulfill your request, will inform you as to the reasons why it is not possible. For example, may deny the deletion of personal information if it is still required in order to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally provided (such as when you continue to make use of a service), when holding the information is necessary to comply with legal obligations (accounting regulations, for example) or when has an overriding interest in holding information.

When has an overriding interest in keeping personal information, you have the right to contest the use of your personal information if you feel that your specific situation calls for different criteria in the balancing of interests than those applied to other affected individuals (right to object). This could, for example, be the case if you are a person of public interest or if you can provide grounded claims that the use of your information subjects you to risk of being harmed by a third party.

If you are not satisfied with a response by to a request submitted by you, you have the right to file a complaint (with the responsible supervisory authority, such as the supervisory authority allocated to your place of residence or to the location of headquarters (right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority).

How are changes to the privacy protection policy announced? and other websites provided by AG are updated on an ongoing basis. AG also determines whether changes to its privacy policy are necessary on an ongoing basis. Any changes to the AG privacy policy are published here.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This privacy policy and all contracts which are based on or connected to this privacy policy are governed by Swiss law except in situations for which the laws of a different country take precedence. The legal jurisdiction is Zurich, except in situations for which the laws of a different jurisdiction take precedence.

Last updated: July 2018

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