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The data are checked regularly. Interest rate data is updated every month. Last update of the interest data: May 21, 2024.

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Swiss Fixed Deposit Comparison FAQs

Simply use the fixed deposit comparison on to find the current highest-yield Swiss fixed deposit. The comparison lists all fixed deposits which match your criteria. Note that interest rates vary based on the fixed deposit term. As a general rule: the longer the term, the higher the interest rate.

The fixed deposit comparison is the most comprehensive in Switzerland. In addition to calculating interest yields, the comparison also accounts for possible costs and exceptions.

In addition to standard fixed deposits, the comparison also includes term deposits and medium-term notes. All of these investment vehicles have fixed terms and fixed interest rates.

Fixed deposits pay interest at a fixed annual interest rate over a fixed term. Unlike savings accounts – the interest rates of which can change throughout the life of an account – fixed deposits have fixed annual interest rates which remain the same over the deposit term. Swiss fixed deposits can have fixed terms of up to ten years.

Fixed deposits with mid to long terms typically have higher annual interest rates than savings accounts. But the primary difference between a fixed deposit and a savings account is: you can typically draw on the balance of a savings account at any time (or after a short notice period), but the balance of a fixed deposit cannot be withdrawn until the end of the fixed term. Another primary difference is that the interest rates of fixed deposits are fixed over the full fixed term, while the interest rates of savings accounts can change any time.

Yes. Swiss fixed deposits are not classified as privileged assets, but they are covered by the depositor protection scheme. Swiss fixed deposits, medium-term notes and term deposits are guaranteed up to a maximum of 100,000 francs per customer and bank.

Some fixed deposit providers offer fixed deposits at foreign banks. In this case, the name and domicile of the bank is clearly shown in the comparison. Banks within the European Union are required to provide depositor protection of 100,000 euros per customer and bank.

In Switzerland, an anticipatory withholding tax is levied on interest yields. This tax is withheld by banks when interest is paid out. However, withholding tax is only deducted for annual interest in excess of a 200-franc threshold.

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