Swiss Fixed Deposit Comparison

Compare the interest rates of Swiss fixed deposits.

Switzerland’s most comprehensive and precise fixed deposit comparison. The comparison accounts for both interest rates and possible costs and bonuses.

Fixed deposits yield interest at fixed interest rates over a predetermined fixed investment term. Swiss banks typically use the term fixed deposit for time deposits with terms shorter than 1 year. However, fixed deposits can have terms that are longer than 1 year.

In addition to fixed deposits, the comparison also includes time deposits and medium-term notes. Like fixed deposits, these have fixed interest rates and fixed investment terms.

Fixed deposits typically have higher interest rates than savings accounts. But unlike savings accounts, money invested in fixed deposits cannot be withdrawn until the end of the predefined term.

Fixed deposits are not segregated assets, but they are covered by depositor protection guarantees. Fixed deposits, medium-term notes and time deposits are covered by depositor protection guarantees up to a limit of 100,000 francs in Switzerland and up to 100,000 euros in EU member countries.

How does the fixed deposit comparison work?


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