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Swiss Video Streaming Comparison 2024

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Quickline Internet

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Video Streaming FAQs

More About Video Streaming

The video streaming comparison accounts for all video streaming services available to Swiss consumers.

These include flat-fee subscriptions for movies and series, flat-fee sports broadcast subscriptions and video-on-demand offers.

The comparison includes conventional streaming services which can be accessed via any Internet connection.

The moneyland.ch comparison compares the following data:

  • Monthly flat fees (for flat-fee plans)
  • Individual prices and price ranges for video-on-demand
  • The number of movies, series and/or broadcasts offered
  • Picture quality (standard definition, high definition, or ultra-high definition).
  • Supported devices (mobile apps, desktop, laptop, Apple TV, set top boxes, gaming consoles)
  • Offline modes in the apps
  • Minimum subscription terms and notice periods

There are many video streaming platforms which have free content. While YouTube is the best known, there are many more video streaming platforms which are free to use or let you stream some videos for free. These include Netzkino (German) and the online streaming platforms of Swiss public broadcasters and other television networks, to name a few.

You can find useful tips in the guide to free video streaming in Switzerland.

Netflix is the most popular paid video streaming service in Switzerland, with more than half of Swiss consumers using the service. YouTube is even more popular than Netflix, but only the free version of YouTube is widely used.

More football broadcasts are available to sports lovers in Switzerland than ever. Streaming services like Blue Sport (Swisscom), DAZN and Sky Sport specialize in live sports broadcasts. Many TV plans also include sports broadcasts. You can find useful tips in the moneyland.ch guide to football broadcasts in Switzerland.

The moneyland.ch video-streaming comparison includes subscriptions which are actively offered to Swiss consumers. These include: Amazon, Apple TV plus, Canal +, DAZN, Diney+, Netflix, Netzkino, Paramount Plus, Sky Sport, Swisscom Blue Max, Swisscom Blue Sport.

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