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Tips for Students

Student savings accounts typically pay you higher interest than standard savings accounts. In most cases, you earn the higher interest on balances which fall below certain thresholds, and standard interest on the portions of your balances which exceed the thresholds. The savings account comparison accounts for interest thresholds for student accounts. Only accounts which you are eligible for based on your age and student status are included in comparison results. Compare Student savings accounts now

Many Swiss banks offer student accounts which have higher interest and lower fees than standard accounts. The account comparison on accounts for special interest rates and fees for people completing their education. Only private accounts which match your age, student status and other criteria are included in comparison results. Compare private accounts now

The credit card comparison on is the most comprehensive Swiss comparison of its kind. It includes Swiss credit cards and prepaid cards. Prepaid cards are generally more accessible to students than credit cards because they do not have creditworthiness requirements. Compare Swiss credit cards and prepaid cards now

The personal loan comparison accounts for multiple criteria and includes possible special offers for students. Compare personal loans now

The banking package comparison lets you compare bundled banking packages from Swiss banks. These may include private accounts, savings accounts, debit cards, credit cards and retirement accounts. Many Swiss banks offer special banking packages for students, and these are included in the comparison. Compare banking packages now

The comprehensive mobile plan comparison on lets you find the cheapest mobile plan or prepaid mobile service based on the way you use your phone. The comparison accounts for all applicable rates for local and international calls, data and roaming. Special mobile plans for young adults are also accounted for. Compare mobile plans and prepaid mobile services now

Swiss compulsory health insurance premiums are based on three age groups. The first (and cheapest) tier applies to children and teens up to the age of 18. The second tier applies to young adults between 18 and 25 years old. The third (and most expensive) tier applies to adults aged 26 and older. You can easily find the cheapest mandatory Swiss health insurance based on your age, location and other criteria using the compulsory health insurance comparison. Compare mandatory health insurance now

The online trading platform comparison makes it easy to find the best Swiss bank for investing in stocks, ETFs, bonds and structured products. Compare Swiss online trading platforms now

Savings Calculator

Use the Swiss savings calculator to quickly and easily calculate initial savings, final savings, savings plans and saving terms. The calculator also accounts for negative interest rates.

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Health insurance

Compare all Swiss compulsory health insurance policies based on your specific needs with the unbiased health insurance comparison.

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Rental Deposit Insurance

Compare Swiss rental deposit insurance and request free quotes.

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Savings Accounts

Find the most favorable Swiss savings account for your individual needs.

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Private Accounts

Find the most favorable Swiss checking account for your specific banking needs.

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Banking Packages

Find the right Swiss banking bundle for your specific needs.

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Credit Cards

Use the most comprehensive Swiss credit card comparison to find the right credit cards for your needs.

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Personal Loans

Compare Swiss personal loans and get free quotes with this unbiased comparison.

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Pillar 3a Retirement Savings Accounts

Find the most favorable pillar 3a accounts for your tax-privileged retirement savings.

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Retirement Funds

Compare the historical costs and performance of Swiss pillar 2 and pillar 3 retirement funds.

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Mobile Plans

Compare Swiss mobile plans and prepaid packages based on your specific needs.

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Use this nifty tool to find the most affordable mobile roaming solutions for your mobile plan or prepaid mobile service.

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Broadband Internet

Find the most affordable Swiss broadband Internet based on your address and specific Internet needs.

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TV Plans

Compare the costs and features of Swiss TV plans and find the best plan for your entertainment needs.

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Telecom Package Deals

Use the free and unbiased comparison of Swiss bundled Internet, landline and TV packages to find the right telecom plan for your home.

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Video Streaming

Compare video streaming services in Switzerland and find the most affordable service for your streaming needs.

Music Streaming

Compare music streaming services in Switzerland and find the most favorable offer for your music streaming needs.

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All Swiss Financial Calculators

Use these powerful calculators to calculate investments, insurance, mortgages, loans, taxes and many other areas of finance.

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Trading Calculators

Use these investment calculators to perform many different calculations related to investing and trading.

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Loan & Leasing Calculators

Use these loan and leasing calculators to perform all kinds of loan and leasing calculations.

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All Comparisons

Use the comprehensive and unbiased Swiss comparisons to find the right banking, insurance and telecom solutions.

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