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Swiss Business Credit Card Comparison 2024

The unbiased business credit card comparison on moneyland.ch accounts for all relevant Swiss business credit cards, business charge cards, and business prepaid cards for companies. Get the comprehensive comparison in PDF format now.

Credit card data is updated regularly: Last updated: March 12, 2024.

If you would like to receive a detailed comparison of the costs and performance of Swiss business credit cards, simply enter your email address in this field and click on “Request free PDF”.

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About the Business Credit Card Comparison

Just get the free and unbiased Swiss business card comparison from moneyland.ch. The comprehensive overview of Swiss business credit card fees and features in PDF format makes it easy to find the credit card which matches your company’s needs.

Typically, business credit cards with lower fees offer fewer complimentary benefits. Take time to consider which features and benefits could save your business time and/or money, and which features are not necessary.

The business credit card comparison on moneyland.ch accounts for all relevant Swiss business credit cards. You can get the comparison in PDF format via email free of charge using the request box.

The comparison clearly compares interest rates, annual fees (including introductory annual fees for the first year), fees for supplementary credit cards and card-replacement fees, foreign transaction fees, local cash advance fees, foreign cash advance fees, special features and services, compatibility with mobile payment services (like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay), reward programs, cardholder discounts, and complimentary insurance coverages.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners Club business credit cards are offered in Switzerland. Visa and Mastercard are currently somewhat more widely accepted than American Express and Diners Club.

In Switzerland, business credit cards fall into these categories: Prepaid cards; charge cards; basic credit cards; standard (silver) credit cards; gold credit cards; platinum credit cards. In some cases, more than one category may apply to the same card.

Business debit cards are not included in the comparison. You can compare debit cards along with business bank accounts using the business account comparison.

Card issuers may also differentiate between business credit cards (for SMEs) and corporate credit cards (for larger companies).

The moneyland.ch business credit card comparison includes credit cards from these Swiss card issuers: Swisscard AECS, BonusCard, Cornèrcard (Cornèr Banca), Diners (Cornèrcard), PostFinance, TopCard (UBS), Viseca, UBS. While cards may be co-issued by a third-party bank, the card issuer typically handles customer service, and sets the card fees, benefits, and currency exchange rates.

These are the most important factors which determine the total cost of using a business credit card:

  • Annual fees: The basic card fee is charged every year. Some business credit cards have introductory offers by which annual fees are waived for the first year.
  • Cash advance fees for withdrawing money: Different fees may apply to cash advances in Switzerland and cash advances outside of Switzerland.
  • Foreign transaction fees: The foreign transaction fee applies when you make a purchase from a foreign merchant.
  • Currency exchange rates: Card issuers add markups to interbank rates. These hidden fees apply when you make purchases in foreign currencies (in addition to foreign transaction fees).
  • Interest rates: If you carry a negative balance past the payment due date, you pay interest on the balance. The interest you pay is based on the annual interest rate and the length of time over which you carry the balance.
  • Fees for optional services like custom card designs or logo imprints.

Some card issuers like UBS and PostFinance only issue business credit cards to their business account holders.

But other card issuers offer business credit cards independently of business accounts. You can get business credit cards from Cornèrcard, Swiss Bankers, TopCard and Viseca regardless of which Swiss bank your company banks with.

Some Swiss card issuers offer business credit cards denominated by US dollars or euros in addition to cards denominated by Swiss francs.

Annual interest rates applicable to negative balances carried past the payment due date range between 9.5% per annum and 15% per annum, depending on the card issuer.

Annual fees range between 70 francs per year and 650 francs per year, depending on the business credit card. More expensive business credit cards typically include more complimentary benefits and services. Some cards have introductory offers by which the annual fee for the first year is waived.

Annual fees for supplementary business credit cards generally range between 50 and 650 francs per year.

Replacing a Swiss business credit card costs between 20 and 30 francs. Some issuers replace credit cards free of charge.

When you use business credit cards to pay for purchases from foreign merchants, you pay foreign transaction fees. These are equal to between 1.2% and 2.5% of each transaction, depending on the card issuer.

You also pay an additional hidden fee in the form of a markup on the currency exchange rate. Depending on the card issuer and the transacted currency, the markup can add several percentage points to transaction costs.

Currently, Swiss card issuers do no offer no-annual-fee business credit cards. However, some cards come with introductory offers which waive the annual fee for the first year. You may also be offered a discount if you order large numbers of supplementary cards (for your employees), for example.

Some card issuers give you the option of having your company’s logo or a custom design printed on your business credit cards. But this service comes at an additional fee. You can find the exact options and fees in the business card comparison.

Many Swiss business credit cards include complimentary insurance coverages. These are typically travel insurances. They may include: travel accident insurance; trip cancelation and interruption insurance; emergency medical transportation insurance; coverage for unexpected expenses caused by trip delays or cancellations; luggage insurance; and travel legal insurance.

You can find more information about business travel insurance coverages in the PDF business credit card comparison.

Many Swiss business credit cards come with rewards programs which reward you for charging purchases. Rewards programs include airline miles (frequent flyer programs), cash back, and points-based reward programs.

Aside from rewards, business credit cards may also entitle you to discounts or special privileges (such as complimentary airport lounge access). You can find detailed information about reward programs and cardholder benefits in the business card comparison.

Some Swiss business credit cards are compatible with either Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay or other mobile payment solutions. Some are compatible with more than one mobile payment service.

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