Retirement Calculators


Use the free Swiss retirement calculators on now.

Pillar 3a Calculator

The pillar 3a calculator makes it easy to find out how much you will save within any specified savings term based on your interest rates.
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Early Retirement OASI Calculator

The leading Swiss social security contribution calculator for early retirees.
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Pension vs. Lump-Sum Calculator

The pension vs. lump-sum pension fund calculator makes it easy to find out whether or not withdrawing your pension savings as a lump sum is more profitable than receiving a regular pension.
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Annuity Calculator

The leading Swiss annuity calculator makes it easy to carry out a number of different calculations related to annuities.
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Perpetual Annuity Calculator

The perpetual annuity calculator on makes it easy to calculate the interest rates, sizes of annuities and the present value principal of perpetual annuities.
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Savings Calculator

Use the Swiss savings calculator to quickly and easily calculate initial savings, final savings, savings plans and saving terms. The calculator also accounts for negative interest rates.
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Compounding Interest Calculator

Use the Swiss interest and compounding interest calculator to calculate effective credit or debit interest based on the frequency and size of payments or deposits, as well as negative interest rates.
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Daily Interest Calculator

Use the daily interest calculator to calculate exact daily debit interest charges or credit interest earnings.
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Inflation Calculator

The inflation calculator makes it easy to calculate inflation rates and decreases in purchasing power.
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Deflation Calculator

The deflation calculator makes it easy to calculate deflation rates and increases in purchasing power.
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Real Interest Rate Calculator

The real interest rate calculator makes it easy to calculate the real annual interest rate and the annual loss or gain in purchasing power.
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Swiss Federal Income Tax Calculator

The Swiss federal income tax calculator.
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