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Travel Insurance Questions and Answers

About the Travel Insurance Comparison

The best travel insurance is the insurance which gives you the coverage you need at the lowest possible price. Which is best for you depends on your specific needs. You can easily find, filter, sort and compare Swiss annual travel insurance policies using the interactive travel insurance comparison based on costs and coverage.

Find the best travel insurance now

The interactive travel insurance comparison on is leading Swiss comparison of its kind.

The comparison calculates the full price of each travel insurance offer, including stamp duties and possible required membership fees. Possible discounts for young people, discounts for applying online and differing premiums for individuals, families or households are accounted for.

Special premium models for trip interruptions, trip cancellations, travel medical insurance, travel roadside assistance and travel legal insurance are clearly shown.

You can sort all travel insurance offers based on their coverages and costs. You can also filter results based on numerous criteria.

The costs of annual travel insurance vary between service providers and coverage models.

The annual premium for a travel insurance policy which includes both trip cancellation and assistance (trip interruption and other coverages) ranges between 65 and more than 200 francs for young adult).

Premiums for adults range between 65 and 300 francs per year.

The premium for a family policy ranges between 90 and 300 francs per year.

There are also differences in the coverages and services provided by different travel insurance offers. For this reason, it is important to compare the coverage as well as the costs. You can do this using the travel insurance comparison.

You can find more information about the costs of travel insurance here.

Yes. Many insurers offer discounts for young adults up to the age of 26 or 29. These discounts are accounted for in the travel insurance comparison.

A family policy covers your entire immediate family or household. If your parents have a family travel insurance policy, you are typically covered as a young adult for as long as you live with them.

Families and households can take out a single travel insurance policy which covers the entire family or household.

Although family travel insurance costs more than individual travel insurance, the per-capita cost is generally significantly lower.

The travel insurance comparison on lets you compare both individual and family travel insurance.

Yes. You pay a stamp duty equal to 5% of each annual insurance premium. Stamp duties are included in the costs shown in the comparison.

Just use the interactive travel insurance comparison on to find the cheapest travel insurance offer that includes the coverage you need.

It is also important to consider your actual needs. If your travel agenda is limited to touring a European city once a year, getting an annual travel insurance is not worth it. But if you travel more frequently, then having annual travel insurance can work out much cheaper than getting separate travel insurance for each trip.

If you do not carry expensive personal property with you when you travel, then getting extra luggage insurance is generally not worth it. But insuring your luggage can be a good financial move if you do carry expensive personal property when you travel.

It is also important to avoid double or overlapping insurance. For example, if you use a credit card to pay for travel, check whether your credit card includes travel insurance as a complimentary benefit.

You can find more information about overlapping insurance here.

You can get per-trip travel insurance which only covers a single trip. Per-trip travel insurance is often offered by online travel portals or airlines when you book a trip. But there are also annual travel insurance policies which cover you or your family throughout the whole year, regardless of how many trips you take.

Getting annual travel insurance policies generally only pays off if you travel at least several times per year. If you only take one major trip or a couple small trips each year, then insuring each trip separately generally works out cheaper.

The travel insurance comparison on only includes annual travel insurance offers.

Important: Some credit cards include travel insurance coverages as complimentary cardholder benefits. Before getting travel insurance, check into whether your credit card gives you travel insurance coverage, and if so whether is adequate for your travel needs.

The sums insured by travel insurance differ broadly between insurance offers and individual coverages. The sums insured are clearly broken down and rated in the travel insurance comparison.

Trip cancellation insurance for individuals: The sum insured generally varies between 3000 francs and 120,000 francs. Offers for teens and young adults generally have lower sums insured.

Trip cancellation insurance for families: Family travel insurance offers generally have higher coverage than offers for individuals. Coverage typically varies between 7500 and 120,000 francs.

Search and rescue insurance (assistance): Coverages for search and rescue and emergency medical evacuation are – together with trip interruption insurance – collectively known as assistance insurance in Switzerland. These typically cover between 5000 and 30,000 francs of expenses.

Trip interruption insurance (assistance): This insurance covers losses resulting from trip interruptions, such as travel bookings which you are forced to forego due to flight delays. Coverage can be as high as 120,000 francs, although 15,000 or 20,000 francs is more typical. There are also travel insurance offers which do not include trip interruption insurance at all.

Tip: Before traveling, make sure that your travel insurance sufficiently covers possible losses.

In Switzerland, travel insurance falls under two main categories: Trip cancellation and assistance. You can get these separately or together. The travel insurance comparison on lets you compare premiums for trip cancellation and assistance insurance separately, or combined.

  1. Trip cancellation: Trip cancellation insurance covers financial losses resulting from the forced cancellation of travel bookings due to covered hazards before you travel. For example, if you book travel and then have an accident which prevents you from traveling, trip cancellation insurance will cover your losses within the policy limits. You can find detailed information in this guide to trip cancellation insurance.
  2. Assistance: The term assistance refers to insurance for losses incurred due to unexpected events during a trip. It typically includes trip interruption insurance which covers losses resulting from delayed or cancelled travel during your trip, such as missed connecting flights due to flight delays. Search and rescue insurance; emergency medical evacuation and/or repatriation insurance also falls under the assistance category. Other travel insurances which fall under this category include: luggage insurance; coverage for extra expenses caused by trip delays and/or luggage losses or delays; travel medical insurance; rental car collision damage waivers; roadside assistance insurance. You can learn more about travel assistance insurance here.

Coverage for possible hazards which can cause trip cancellations vary between Swiss travel insurance providers.

Hazards which may be covered, depending on the insurance, include:

  • Accidents, illness and death
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Strike
  • Damage to your home (burglary or fire, for example)
  • Loss of employment
  • Failure or delay of transportation (to the airport, for example)
  • Epidemics
  • The emergence of risks at your destination
  • Failure of an expected replacement at your workplace
  • Complications related to pets (illness or death, for example)

Important: Not all travel insurance offers cover all of these hazards. You can use the filters in the comparison to limit results to offers which cover the trip cancellation causes which could apply to you. also rates travel insurance offers based on the scope of the coverage which they provide and the covered hazards.

You can find more information about trip cancellation insurance here.

Which travel bookings are covered varies between Swiss travel insurances offers. Forced cancellations of flights and other common carrier bookings due to covered causes are generally covered. Prepaid hotel bookings are also generally covered. Event and attraction bookings are only covered by some travel insurance policies. Some trip cancellation insurance policies also cover the cost of new bookings to replace a cancelled trip.

You can easily find the trip cancellation insurance which provides the coverage you need using the filters in the travel insurance comparison. also rates the trip cancellation insurance of each travel insurance based on the scope of its coverage.

You can find out more in the guide to trip cancellation insurance.

Coverage for possible hazards that can result in trip interruptions varies between insurers and travel insurance offers.

Depending on the travel insurance, interruptions caused by one of these hazards may be covered:

  • Accidents, illness or death
  • Unexpected damage to your home (a fire damages your house back home, for example)
  • Unexpected failures or delays of transportation
  • Epidemics
  • Natural hazards (excluding volcanic eruptions and earthquakes)
  • Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes
  • Wars and civil unrest
  • Failure of an expected replacement at your workplace back home
  • Complications related to pets (illness or death, for example)
  • Theft of travel documents

Important: Not all travel insurance offers cover all of these trip interruption causes. You can use the filters in the travel insurance comparison to quickly find the trip interruption insurance offers which include the coverage you need. also rates each travel insurance offer based on the scope of trip interruption insurance provided.

You can find more information about trip interruption insurance here.

The trip interruption insurance which comes with Swiss assistance travel insurance varies in terms of covered costs. Search and rescue, emergency medical repatriation, emergency medical transportation and travel booking cancellation costs are generally covered.

Some travel insurance offers also cover the cost of tickets (for events or attractions) and replacement trips (a new flight booking to replace a missed flight, for example).

You can use the filters in the travel insurance comparison on to limit results to travel insurance offers which include the coverage you need. also rates travel insurance offers based on the scope of their trip interruption coverage.

Some assistance insurance policies include luggage delay coverage (costs of buying necessary items due to luggage delays) and/or travel delay coverage (costs of necessary dining and hotel stays due to trip delays).

The limits applicable to these coverages varies between travel insurance offers. Some insurance offers cover up to 700 francs for hotel and dining costs required due to a trip delay, while others cover up to 1000, 2000 or 5000 francs per person.

You can find information about the trip delay coverage on the detailed information pages corresponding to each product in the travel insurance comparison.

Travel insurance offers may include additional coverages. You can use the filters in the travel insurance comparison to find offers which include the coverages you need.

Note that you may pay markups on the standard insurance premium when you add these additional coverages:

  • Luggage insurance (damage, loss or theft while being transported by a common carrier)
  • Travel legal insurance
  • Car insurance (primarily roadside assistance and rental car collision damage waivers)
  • Emergency medical insurance

Travel insurer offers often include value-add services in addition to insurance. These may include:

  • 24/7 support hotlines
  • Translation services
  • Reimbursement of travel-related purchases
  • Home care (for emergencies at your home while you are away)
  • Card account freezing services
  • Phone SIM freezing services
  • Emergency cash advances (these must be repaid)
  • Medical consultation services (via phone or online)

You can find more information about coverages and services offered by travel insurance providers here.

Many basic travel insurance policies do not include luggage insurance against theft, damage or loss. But many insurance providers will add luggage insurance as a rider on your travel insurance policy at an extra cost.

If your luggage is relatively valuable, make sure to check what luggage insurance is included or can be added and which terms and conditions apply before you take out travel insurance.

Note: Some Swiss household insurance policies include luggage insurance or let you add it as an optional rider. If your household insurance includes

Some travel insurance offers include travel legal insurance coverage. With others you have the option of adding travel legal insurance as an optional rider.

If you already have personal legal insurance, you generally do not need additional travel legal insurance.

If you need travel legal insurance, just select the travel legal protection option under additional insurance in the travel insurance comparison to limit results to offers which include legal insurance.

Some travel insurance offers include roadside assistance at no extra cost. Other give you the option of adding an optional roadside assistance rider.

But the car insurance you get with travel insurance is limited. With many offers car insurance only covers travel in Switzerland and most European countries. Car insurance coverages are typically limited to coverage for roadside assistance, towing, vehicle recovery and similar services.

You can find Swiss travel insurance offers which include this coverage by selecting the Vehicle (breakdown) insurance in the travel insurance comparison. If you select this option, results are offers which include this coverage at no extra premiums.

Some travel insurance policies include rental car collision damage waivers, or let you add this coverage as an optional rider.

Important: Car insurance from Swiss insurance providers typically includes coverage for roadside assistance, towing, vehicle recovery and similar services, when these are organized through the car insurance provider. If you travel using your own car, check whether you already have this coverage through your car insurance. Some car insurances also include underinsured driver insurance and/or rental car coverage. If you are already adequately insured by your car insurance, there is no need to get travel insurance with vehicle coverage.

A few Swiss travel insurance offers include travel medical insurance which covers the cost of treatment in the case of medical emergencies while traveling. Other travel insurance offers give you the option of adding travel medical insurance as an optional rider.

It is important to note that this insurance only covers costs in excess of those covered by your basic Swiss mandatory health insurance. The coverage you get from mandatory health insurance is sufficient for travel to many countries, but having additional travel medical insurance is recommended if you travel to the US or other countries with expensive healthcare.

Travel medical insurance is included in almost all Swiss supplemental health insurance offers, so if you have additional voluntary health insurance you most likely do not need additional travel medical insurance. If you do not have supplemental health insurance, then getting travel insurance with coverage for medical costs abroad is recommended for travel to some countries.

You can easily find all travel insurance offers which include travel medical insurance coverage by selecting the medical costs abroad option in the travel insurance comparison on If you select this option, only travel insurance offers which include medical insurance at no extra cost are shown on the results page.

Notice periods vary between insurance providers. Most insurers require you to give 3 months’ notice ahead of the new insurance year, but some have shorter notice periods of 2 months or even 1 month. If you do not give notice on time, your insurance policy will automatically be extended for another year and you will be billed accordingly.

Important: Some insurance websites, agents and brokers will try to sell you travel insurance with long contract terms of several years. Because your situation may change or cheaper options may become available, getting long-term insurance contacts is not recommended.  

Migrating to a different annual travel insurance is easy.

First, check into whether there is a different travel insurance offer which better suits your current travel needs and budget. The unbiased travel insurance comparison on makes it easy to compare offers based on coverage and costs. If there is a cheaper or more suitable offer available, consider getting the better match and giving notice on your old travel insurance.

Make sure to give notice in keeping with the required notice period. With many travel insurance offers, you have to give notice at least 3 months before the end of the insurance anniversary year.

Travel insurance offers from these insurance providers are included in the travel insurance comparison: ACSAllianzAXABaslerCembra Money BankCSSDie MobiliarERVGeneraliGlobetrotter, HanseMerkurHelvetiasmile.directTCSVCSZurich.

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