Moneyland Analytics uses its own proprietary algorithms to track, analyze and simulate thousands of products on an ongoing basis and to evaluate millions of pieces of data relating to banking, insurance and telecom products. Data analyzed includes financial information, rates, fees, interest rates, services provided and user experience data.

Moneyland Analytics specializes in these sectors:

Banking: Private accounts; savings accounts; business accounts; bundled banking packages; 3a retirement accounts; retirement funds; vested benefits accounts; medium-term notes; wealth management; investment advisory; mortgages; personal loans; business loans; securities trading and custodian banking; personal and business credit cards; debit cards; currency exchange rates; fintech and payments technology (including mobile wallets).

Insurance: Compulsory health insurance policies; supplementary health insurance policies; hospital insurance policies; household insurance policies; liability insurance policies; car insurance policies; motorcycle insurance policies; life insurance policies; cyber insurance policies; legal expenses insurance; veterinary insurance; rental deposit insurance; travel insurance and insurtech.

Telecom: Mobile plans; prepaid offers, roaming; broadband Internet plans; television plans; landline phone plans and streaming offers.

Moneyland Analytics services are offered to service providers, universities and media publishers. Services include unbiased analyses of market and competitor data (benchmarking), product comparisons, ratings, research, simulations and programming. is able to deliver custom evaluations and analyses based on your specific requirements. Reports and evaluations can be provided on a one-time basis or on a recurring basis.

Universities and colleges can use Moneyland Analytics to gain an understanding of the product landscape in the Swiss banking, insurance and telecom sectors at any point in time.

Media publishers can provide their readers with solid, unbiased information by using product comparisons and evaluations from Moneyland Analytics.

Service providers can use Moneyland Analytics to understand and optimize the positioning of their products in the market.

Here we list several examples of how Moneyland Analytics has already been used to help you better understand its scope.

Example 1: Analyzing a new credit card analyzed the costs and benefits of a new credit card and compared them to those of existing offers on behalf of one of Switzerland’s largest card issuers. The analysis included numerous simulations based on multiple currency exchange rate variables on a test server and a comprehensive study of the card’s benefits.

Example 2: Retirement fund historical performance analysis researched the historical returns and net performance (returns minus costs) delivered by retirement funds on behalf of a Swiss media publisher using a calculation model designed for the purpose. The resulting yield rates were then compared with the historical yield rates of 3a retirement savings accounts over the identical period.

Example 3: Price developments researched the historical price developments of Swiss banking products on behalf of a Swiss University.

Independence and privacy is committed to providing unbiased comparisons and information. Moneyland Analytics evaluations and analyses do not in any way influence the neutrality of information and comparisons provided by The guarantee of editorial independence also applies to all Moneyland Analytics evaluations and reports. User-specific data is never included in Moneyland Analytics reports or passed on to third-parties which use Moneyland Analytics (refer to the privacy policy for more information).

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