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Find the right Swiss business loan with this unbiased comparison tool.

The leading interactive comparison of business loans, commercial loans and corporate loans in Switzerland.

Compare business loans based on your criteria

The unbiased business loan comparison on lets you filter and compare loans based on numerous criteria to find the best match for your business. Criteria include the type of loan and loan amount. You can also enter details about your business including the type of business, year of founding, revenues and profits – all of which influence your eligibility for loan offers.

The cost of business loans

Two primary costs apply to Swiss business loans: interest and service fees. The comparison tool accounts for both of these. Detailed breakdowns of the cost components of each loan are also provided. Offer-specific algorithms are used to calculate interest and fees in relation to loan terms and loan amounts.

The comparison shows the minimum and the maximum interest rate applicable to each loan offer. The exact interest rate which your business can get depends on your business’ creditworthiness, the lender which offers the loan and other factors. Requesting a free quote in order to find out the exact interest rate you are eligible for is recommended.

Compare different kinds of loans

The comparison lets you compare different kinds of loans including equipment loans, investment loans, research loans, liquidity loans, growth loans, succession loans, acquisition loans and debt refinancing loans.

Loans for all business categories

The comparison lets you find and compare loans available for the class of business you run. You can limit comparison results to loans for these types of businesses: sole proprietorship, self employed, GmbH, Aktiengesellschaft (AG), general partnership, limited partnership, foundation, cooperative, simple partnership, association.

Loans for sole proprietorships

Self-employed business owners can choose between getting personal loans or business loans. If you are interested in getting a personal loan, please use the comprehensive and unbiased personal loan comparison on

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