Partnerships – the Decision Engine for Banking, Insurance and Telecom ist he unbiased Swiss comparison service for finance, banking, insurance and telecom. All editorial content, all comparisons, and the business model are governed by the guarantee of independence. functions as a marketplace which matches users with suitable banking, insurance and telecom services. Users can then send contact requests, apply online or request quotes easily and free of charge. gives banks, insurance companies and telecom service providers an affordable direct avenue through which they can reach consumers with minimal administrative effort.

Financial service providers, banks, insurance providers and telecom service providers can take advantage of various partnership opportunities:

  • Partnership for contact requests from potential customers: enables direct customer acquisition with minimal effort on your part by delivering qualified leads.
  • Partnership for advertisement: users are in the decision-making phase with regards to selecting banking, telecom, finance and insurance products. This enables targeted advertising to consumers who are looking for the products you offer.
  • Moneyland Analytics: Analyses of markets and competitors, simulations, product comparisons, rankings and benchmark ratings. collects, updates, analyses and evaluates millions of pieces of data related to the fees, rates and features of banking, insurance and telecom products on an ongoing basis. Moneyland Analytics lets you track the current state of your competition. The analyses and ratings help you better understand and optimize the positioning of your own products in the marketplace.

Examples of banking comparisons and analyzed product categories: Credit cards, private accounts, savings accounts, bank packages, pillar 3a retirement accounts, vested benefits accounts, medium-term notes, business accounts, mortgages, personal loans, business loans, asset management, stock brokerage and trading.

Examples of insurance comparisons and analyzed product categories: Mandatory health insurance, supplementary health insurance, supplementary hospital insurance, legal insurance, travel insurance, term life insurance, pet insurance, rental deposit insurance.

Examples of telecom comparisons and analyzed product categories: Mobile plans, prepaid mobile, mobile roaming rates, Internet plans, landline telephone plans, TV plans, video streaming, audio streaming.

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