Legal Insurance Comparison

Compare the costs and services of Swiss legal expenses insurance policies and request unbinding quotes free of charge.

The legal insurance comparison on is the most comprehensive comparison of legal insurance offers in Switzerland and includes individual and family policies. 

The comparison accounts for all cost variables including discounts, stamp duties and possible membership fees. 

Legal insurance: Services compared 

Comparison results can be filtered and sorted based on a broad range of criteria. Only the policies and premiums which correspond to the selected filters appear in comparison results.

Types of legal insurance included in the comparison 

In Switzerland, a difference is made between personal legal insurance policies, motor legal insurance policies and combined personal and motor legal insurance. Legal consultation insurance is also offered, but the coverage provided is typically very limited. 

Personal legal insurance coverages 

The comparison accounts for the following personal legal insurance coverages: Damages; victim support; insurance law; tenancy law; property law; labor law; contract law; patient rights; inheritance law; neighbor law; Internet law; real estate law; and public construction law. 

Motor legal insurance coverages 

The comparison accounts for the following motor legal insurance coverages: Damages; victim support; criminal law; insurance law; administrative processes; driver’s license recovery; and vehicle contract law. 

Legal consultation insurance coverages 

The comparison accounts for the following legal consultation insurance coverages: Neighbor law; marital law; human rights; personal law; family law; inheritance law; Internet law; public construction law; and tax law.

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Legal protection insurance providers compared

AXA, Baloise, CAP (Allianz), Coop, Dextra, Elvia, Generali Fortuna, Groupe Mutuel, Justis, Orion, Protekta,, TCS, VCS.

How does the legal protection comparison work?


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