Mortgage Rate Assistant


Useful information about the mortgage interest rate assistant on

  • The mortgage interest rate assistant on makes it easy to find the most affordable mortgage interest rate available in Switzerland for any mortgage type.
  • The assistant also shows how much you could save every year by moving from your current mortgage to the most affordable mortgage offer in the same category.
  • The mortgage rate assistant can, for example, be used when negotiating for lower mortgage rates with your existing mortgage holder. Making your mortgage holder aware that their competition offers the same mortgage with lower interest rates can, in some cases, motivate them to reduce your interest rate.
  • The mortgage guide interest rates shown by the assistant are updated on a daily basis. You can compare all Swiss mortgage guide interest rates here. The assistant accounts for fixed rate mortgages (1 year to 20 years), LIBOR-based mortgages (1 month to 12 months), adjustable rate mortgages and construction loans.
  • You can find an overview of all our Swiss mortgage calculators here.
  • Fixed rate mortgages: The guide rates shown are the lowest interest rates offered by lenders. These typically apply to borrowers who meet the most stringent mortgage affordability and creditworthiness requirements.
  • Construction credit: Some lenders charge a commission based on a percentage of the loan, in addition to interest.

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