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More About Swiss TV Plans

Swiss Television Subscriptions FAQ

You can easily find the Swiss TV plan which best matches your needs and budget using the unbiased TV plan comparison on

You can find tips for choosing the right plan here.

You can select many different criteria which you want to use for the comparison.

These include:

  • Image quality and number of channels: You can choose to include standard definition (SD) plans or if you prefer to limit results to high definition (HD) plans. You can also choose to include plans with relatively few TV channels, or limit results to plans which include a large number of channels.
  • Pay TV subscriptions: Some TV plans let you add optional pay TV bundles like Teleclub or MySports. You can limit results to TV plans which have the option of adding pay TV subscriptions, but the costs of pay TV subscriptions are not accounted for in comparisons.
  • Recorder: If you use TV recording, you can set the minimum recording capacity in hours to limit results to TV plans which meet your requirements.
  • Time shifting: TV time shifting lets you watch TV broadcasts after they have broadcasted live. You can choose whether you want to watch TV broadcasted up to 30 hours or up to 7 days in the past. Only plans with the time shifting capacity you want are included in the comparison.
  • Devices. Many TV plans can be accessed via desktop or laptop computers, or via a smartphone or tablet. You can choose which devices you want to access TV with, including Apple TV or Android TV.
  • Video on demand: Some TV plans let you find and watch movies and series at any time,
  • Number of set-top boxes: Many TV plans come with set-top boxes that connect to your television set so that you can watch TV. There is normally a limit on the number of set-top boxes you can get with a plan, and this is important to consider if you have multiple TV sets. The comparison accounts for possible monthly fees for set-top boxes.  

Only TV plans which meet all of your criteria are included in comparison results.

Yes. You have the option of comparing TV plans in combination with Internet plans and/or home phone plans. In this case, the comparison compares the total costs of combined plans.

Only bundled telecom plans which include all of the services you need and are available at your address are included in the comparison.

When you select the address-based comparison option, the comparison uses APIs from telecom services providers to determine which TV plans are available at your address. Only TV plans which are available at your address are included in the comparison.

You can also choose to compare countrywide offers only rather than enter your address. In this case, only TV plans which are available throughout Switzerland (or to a majority of Swiss addresses) are included.

You can find this information in comparison results:

  • The number of SD and HD channels included.
  • One-time costs
  • Monthly fees
  • Total costs for the first year
  • Additional devices with which you can access your plan (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, Apple TV, Android TV).
  • Optional Pay TV bundles like MySports or Teleclub
  • TV recording capacity in hours
  • Time shifting capacity in days
  • Live TV pause functions
  • Terms and conditions like the minimum contract term and notice period.
  • Customer satisfaction

Many TV plans include TV recording functions. These let you record TV up to a certain number of hours or broadcasts. Recorded shows are typically stores on cloud-based recorders, which means you can access your recorded shows from anywhere (on your home television set, or on your mobile device).

The TV plan comparison lets you specify the minimum number of hours of TV recording capacity you need. Only plans which match your criteria are included in comparison results.

Time shifting lets you watch TV shows after they have been broadcasted. Many TV plans include 7-day time shifting, which means you can watch shows broadcasted up to 7 days before. A practical feature of time shifting is that when you watch shows after they have broadcasted, you can skip advertising breaks. Some Swiss TV plans only include 30-hour time shifting. You can choose whether you need 30-hour or 7-day time shifting in the TV plan comparison.

When you select time shifting as a comparison criterion, only TV plans which include time shifting are included in results.

Some TV plans give you the option of adding pay TV bundles. You can select Teleclub or MySports pay TV options as criteria for comparisons.

If you select a pay TV option as a criterion, only TV plans which let you access that pay TV option are included in comparison results. Note that comparisons do not account for the cost of pay TV charges. regularly conducts TV plan customer satisfaction surveys of consumers in Switzerland.

Among other points, survey participants rate their:

  • General customer satisfaction.
  • Satisfaction with customer service.
  • Satisfaction with billing.
  • Satisfaction with image quality.
  • Satisfaction with the choice of TV channels offered.
  • Satisfaction with live TV pause, TV recording and time shifting functions.

There are major differences in customer satisfaction between different TV service providers. You can find all customer satisfaction ratings on the detailed product information pages in the TV plan comparison. You can also sort TV plans by customer satisfaction ratings.

Swiss TV plan providers regularly run special promotional offers. In many cases, taking advantage of promotional offers can save you money. That is why includes special promotional offers in the TV plan comparison. Experts at regularly research and update special promotional offers in the comparison.

The unbiased comparison on lists plans from TV service providers based in Switzerland.

In addition to over the top (OTT) plans from Teleboy and Zattoo, which can be accessed via any Internet connection, many Swiss Internet service providers also offer TV plans. These offers are all accounted for in the TV plan comparison.

These TV plan providers are currently included in the TV plan comparison: GGA Maurgreen.chInit7iWayM BudgetQuicklineSaltSolnetSunriseSwisscomTeleboyUPCWingoZattoo.

Established telecom expert Ralf Beyeler from is happy to answer your questions about TV in Switzerland free of charge. Just send your question by email or post it in the TV forum on

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