In finance, the term assignor refers to an entity which designates the right to receive repayment of a debt owed to them to another party known as the assignee.

The term is most widely used in relation to leasing. When a lease is transferred from the existing lessor to a new lessor, the existing lessor (the assignor) gives the new lessor (the assignee) the right to assume the role of lessor and collect on the debt on their behalf.

In the case of transferrable bonds, the investor who holds a bond is an assignor when they sell or otherwise transfer a bond to a different investor. The investor who buys the bond on the secondary market is the assignee. The assignor gives the assignee the right to collect debt repayments in the form of bond coupons.

In the case of a mortgage, a mortgagee who sells or transfers a mortgage which they hold to a third party is an assignor, while the third party is the assignee.

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