Comparison of Swiss Call Deposits

Compare the conditions and interest rates of Swiss call deposits.

Call deposits are short-term investments that can facilitate flexible cash management.

Unlike fixed-term deposits, call deposits have neither a fixed maturity nor a fixed interest rate. The rates can vary depending on the market environment.

Call deposits are secured by the Swiss deposit protection scheme. Call money interests are subject to the Swiss anticipatory tax of 35%.

In contrast to German “Tagesgeld” deposits, Swiss call deposits are only suitable for large deposits. Depending on the bank, the minimum amount of deposits required to open a call deposit account ranges from 250,000 to 1 million Swiss francs, or the U.S. dollar or euro equivalent.

Call money: advantages
+ Short-term investments.
+ Call deposits are withdrawable subject to 48-hour notice period.                 

Call money: disadvantages
- High deposit minimums.
- Banks may charge a fee for withdrawal.              

How does the call money comparison work?


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