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What Do Swiss Health Insurance Companies Spend on Administration?

October 3, 2023 - Felix Oeschger analyzed the published information about the administrative costs of Swiss mandatory health insurance providers. Collectively, Swiss insurance companies spent 1.7 billion Swiss francs on the administration of Swiss mandatory health insurance in 2022. But spending on administration varies broadly between health insurance providers.

In the coming year too, the premiums charged for mandatory health insurance will drastically increase again. But what role do insurance companies play in these price hikes? According to the latest figures published by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the costs of administrating mandatory health insurance totaled 1.7 billion francs in 2022. The administrative costs accounted for include salaries, sales commissions, and advertising costs.   

Salaries make up the bulk of administrative costs, totaling 1.1 billion francs. Around 73 million francs was spent on advertising, while sales commissions consumed 48 million francs. All of these costs combined made up around 5.1 percent of the total premiums paid by residents.

But while the administrative costs are high, they are relatively low compared to healthcare costs. “Primary responsibility for the high health insurance premiums falls on the climbing Swiss healthcare costs,” stresses analyst Felix Oeschger.

This is what Swiss health insurance companies spend on administration

The costs of administrating mandatory health insurance vary starkly between insurance companies. According to figures published in 2023, administrative spending ranged between 105 and 458 francs per insured person, depending on the insurance company (see Table 1).

The Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland spent the least on administration, at 105 francs per insured person. It is followed by the Sumiswalder Krankenkasse (114 francs) and Sodalis (119 francs).

Table 1: Administrative costs in 2022 by insurance company

Health insurance provider Administrative costs per
insured person in 2022
Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland CHF 105
Sumiswalder Krankenkasse CHF 114
Sodalis CHF 119
Agrisano CHF 145
Sana24 CHF 155
Visana CHF 161
Vivacare CHF 161
Galenos CHF 163
Klug Krankenversicherung CHF 165
Helsana Versicherungen CHF 171
Concordia CHF 173
Sanavals Gesundheitskasse CHF 178
Krankenkasse SLKK CHF 184
Swica Krankenversicherung CHF 184
Atupri CHF 186
Cassa da malsauns Lumneziana CHF 186
Aquilana CHF 195
Rhenusana CHF 203
Assura CHF 204
Sanitas Grundversicherungen CHF 205
Vita Surselva CHF 208
Krankenkasse Wädenswil CHF 208
EGK Grundversicherungen CHF 213
Krankenkasse Visperterminen CHF 222
Easy Sana Assurance Maladie CHF 234
CM Vallée d'Entremont CHF 234
Kranken- und Unfallkasse Einsiedeln CHF 240
Avenir Assurance Maladie CHF 240
Philos Assurance Maladie CHF 240
KPT Krankenkasse CHF 242
AMB Assurances CHF 245
ÖKK Kranken- und Unfallversicherungen CHF 246
Mutuel Assurance Maladie CHF 262
Glarner Krankenversicherung CHF 264
Krankenkasse Steffisburg CHF 265
Vivao Sympany CHF 270
Supra CHF 276
Krankenkasse Birchmeier CHF 458

Note: Only insurance providers that will still operate in 2024 are included in the above comparison.

This is how much of the premium you pay is used for administration

There is another metric that makes it possible to determine how efficiently Swiss health insurance providers manage obligatory health insurance. That metric is the ratio between administrative costs (plus depreciation) and insurance premiums (minus risk compensation). In 2022, the average ratio was 5.1 percent. That figure includes marketing expenses and employee salaries, among other costs.

The Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland had the best performance (see table 2), with just 2.6 percent of the money collected in insurance premiums (minus risk compensation) being spent on administrating mandatory health insurance. It is followed by Sodalis (3.6 percent), Visana (3.6 percent), and Galenos (3.8 percent).

Performance ratings can be found in the interactive health insurance comparison on

Table 2: Ratio of administrative expenses in relation to insurance premiums

Health insurance provider Administrative costs in 2022
as a percentage of premiums
Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland 2.6%
Sodalis 3.6%
Visana 3.6%
Galenos 3.8%
CSS 4.2%
Sumiswalder Krankenkasse 4.3%
Concordia 4.5%
Helsana Versicherungen 4.5%
Klug Krankenversicherung 4.7%
Vivacare 4.7%
Sana24 4.9%
Krankenkasse SLKK 5.0%
Agrisano Krankenkasse 5.0%
Cassa da malsauns Lumneziana 5.1%
Swica Krankenversicherung 5.1%
Philos Assurance Maladie 5.2%
KPT Krankenkasse 5.3%
Easy Sana Assurance Maladie 5.3%
EGK Grundversicherungen 5.3%
Sanitas Grundversicherungen 5.3%
Aquilana 5.4%
Avenir Assurance Maladie 5.4%
Mutuel Assurance Maladie 5.5%
Atupri 5.6%
Krankenkasse Wädenswil 5.8%
Vita Surselva 5.9%
Vivao Sympany 6.1%
Sanavals Gesundheitskasse 6.2%
Rhenusana 6.4%
AMB Assurances 6.6%
Kranken- und Unfallkasse Einsiedeln 6.7%
CM Vallée d'Entremont 6.7%
Supra 7.0%
Assura 7.2%
Krankenkasse Steffisburg 7.3%
Krankenkasse Visperterminen 7.5%
ÖKK Kranken- und Unfallversicherungen 7.8%
Krankenkasse Birchmeier 8.2%
Glarner Krankenversicherung 10.3%

Note: Only insurance providers that will still operate in 2024 are included in the above comparison.

Sales commissions for sales of mandatory health insurance

According to the FOPH, around 48 million francs were paid out to insurance brokers as sales commissions for mandatory health insurance in 2022. That is around 2.8 percent of total administrative spending and around 0.15 percent of total insurance premiums collected. It is worth noting that spending on sales commissions for mandatory health insurance was low compared to spending on sales commissions for supplemental health insurance.

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