creditworld Business Loan

General requirements:
Your business must be listed in the commercial register. You will not be approved for a loan if your business has open debt collection cases, property seizure claims or certificates of loss.
Minimum loan amount:
CHF 100,000
Maximum loan amount:
Not specified.
Minimum duration:
12 months
Maximum duration:
Not specified.
Minimum revenue:
Not specified.
Interest earned:
Interest rates vary based on creditworthiness, loan terms and reference interest rates. Loans with and without amortization obligations are offered.
Service fees:
In addition to interest charges, you also pay a service fee. This fee is charged both on a one-time basis and on a recurring basis.
Early settlement:
In the case of standard loans, early repayment isn't normally possible. Exceptions may be made.
Loan decision:
Loan applications can normally be processed within 48 hours if all required documents are provided.
Last two annual financial reports.
Additional services:
Online application, Loan supplement, Business mortgage
Available loan types:
Equipment loan, Investment loan, Research loan, Liquidity, Growth loan, Succession financing, Acquisition financing, Debt repayment, Other
Eligible business types:
Sole proprietorship / Self employed, Limited company (GmbH), Aktiengesellschaft (AG), General partnership, Limited partnership, Foundation, Cooperative, Simple partnership, Association
General information:

The loan application process can be completed online.


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