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How Are the Results of the Legal Expenses Insurance Comparison Calculated?

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Calculations are based on algorithms and on the following factors:

  • The guarantee of editorial independence applies.
  • calculates the total costs of each legal expenses insurance policy. Costs accounted for include premiums, stamp duties, possible discounts and membership fees across the insurance term. The exact costs of policy are clearly shown in the cost breakdown.
  • Memberships: Some insurers require you to hold a specific membership. In this case, the cost of membership fees is also accounted for.
  • Discounts: Age-based discounts (such as youth or senior discounts) are automatically calculated and are accounted for in results. Multiple-policy discounts are also accounted for, although they are not listed separately.
  • Premiums shown on the results page include 5 percent stamp duties.
  • Differences due to rounding may occur.
  • The completely unbiased service and coverage ratings are based on the range of services and coverage provided, and not on the quality of services and coverage. The highest rating is made up of 5 stars. The overall rating is calculated based on individual service and coverage ratings.