How does the medium-term notes comparison tool work?

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Finding the right medium-term note is not difficult!
Compare medium-term notes now. helps you choose the ideal savings account in three easy steps.

1. Enter your basic information.

  • Amount: Choose the requested investment amount.
  • Currency: Specify the currency of the medium-term note.
  • Term: Choose the requested term (between 1 year and 10 years).
  • Canton: You can specify the canton of the requested provider. will only show you the providers in the specific canton.

2. Compare results.

  • Compare advantages: Compare the medium-term notes considering your savings potential. The least advantageous medium-term note rate is used for the comparison.
  • Select medium-term notes: Click on the buttons of the products you are interested in (not all of the results can be selected).

3. Get free quotes.

  • Enter your contact details in order that the free quotes can be sent to you as soon as possible.

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