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How Does The Vested Benefits Account Comparison Work?

The service of is completely free of charge and complies with modern security and data protection guidelines. The independence guarantee applies to all comparisons. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the team

Finding the right vested benefits account can be easy!
The comparison helps you find the right vested benefits for your needs in three easy steps. Go to the vested benefits account comparison now.

1. Enter required information.

  • Vested benefits amount (CHF): Enter the amount which you expect to deposit into your vested benefits account, or have already deposited.
  • Providers with locations in: If you are looking for a bank with branch offices in a specific canton, you can select the canton here. Only banks with subsidiaries in the selected canton will be included in results.
  • Your current vested benefits account: If you already use a vested benefits account, select the account.

2. Compare offers.

  • Compare final capital: Compare the vested benefit offers. takes into account interest and costs. Basis of calculation.
  • Click on the buttons of the offers that interest you.

3. Open an account.

  • Open the requested account.