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About the Investment Fund Calculator on

  • The leading Swiss investment fund and fund cost calculator accounts for initial capital investments, investment terms, regularity and timing of additional capital investments (in advance or in arrears), capital growth, yields, annual administrative fees (TER), front end loads, back end loads, custodial fees and inflation (or deflation). You can use the Swiss fund calculator to find the overall performance and the annualized performance of a fund with all costs accounted for.
  • You can also enter negative capital growth and yield rates.
  • The value of fund shares increases or decreases exponentially. This also applies to investment terms under one year. Applicable capital investments, costs and yields are accounted for in calculations.
  • Annual yields are calculated based on the average value of fund shares.
  • The back end load is a one-time fee which is applied to your final capital (including cumulative yields if applicable) when you sell your fund shares.
  • Annual administrative and custodial fees are divided into portions (1/12 of annual fee) which are deducted from fund share value at the end of each month. If additional capital investments are made at the end of a month, these are added to fund share value before cost deductions are applied.
  • Custodial fees should include all third-party fees charged by the custodian bank which holds your fund share certificates. Internal custodial fees charged by funds are already included in the funds administrative fees (TER). You can learn more about custodial fees in Switzerland here.
  • No rounding is applied to figures entered. Results are rounded to the nearest 5 centimes.

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