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GLKB Junior Account

General information:

Junior Account of Glarner Kantonalbank (GLKB).

For individuals between 14 and 20 years of age.
Account type:
Youth Account
Interest rate:
Up to CHF 50,000: 0.25% per year.
From CHF 50,000 to CHF 1,000,000: 0.02% per year.
From CHF 1,000,000 to CHF 2,000,000: 0% per year.
From CHF 2,000,000: -0.75% per year.
There is no withdrawal limit.
Account opening:
The account opening is free of charge.
Account management:
The account management is free of charge.
Closing of account:
The closing of account is free of charge.
Termination of banking relationship:
The termination of the banking relationship is free of charge.
Annual account closure:
The annual account closure is free of charge.
Statements of account:
The monthly statements of account by mail are free of charge.
Incoming payment:
Incoming payment in CHF are free of charge.
Outgoing payment (Switzerland):
Electronic payment orders in CHF are free of charge.
SEPA payment:
Electronic SEPA payment orders in EUR are free of charge.
Non-SEPA payment (abroad):
Fee of CHF 5.00 per electronic non-SEPA payment order in foreign currency.
Direct debit (LSV) Switzerland:
Electronic payment orders by direct debit (LSV) within Switzerland are free of charge.
Standing order Switzerland:
Electronic standing orders in CHF within Switzerland are free charge.
Annual fee debit card:
Maestro card: There is no annual fee to pay.
Purchase Switzerland:
Maestro card: Purchases in Switzerland in CHF are free of charge.
Purchase abroad:
Maestro card: For purchases in foreign currencies, there is a fee of CHF 1.50.
Cash withdrawal Switzerland:
Maestro card:
Cash withdrawals in CHF at ATMs of the same bank in Switzerland are free of charge.For cash withdrawals in CHF at ATMs of other banks in Switzerland, there is a fee of CHF 2.00 per withdrawal.
Cash withdrawal abroad:
Maestro card:
Per cash withdrawal abroad, there is a fee of 0.8% of the amount with a minimum of CHF 5.00.
Special services:
Maestro card, Mobile banking, Online banking


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