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  • The health insurance deductible calculator makes finding the best deductible model easy. You can calculate the costs and benefits of different health insurance deductible models based on health insurance premiums, deductible costs and coinsurance.
  • You can calculate the costs of a single deductible model or compare the costs of multiple, different insurance models. The calculator highlights the deductible model with the lowest total costs.
  • Healthcare costs: You can enter your estimated healthcare costs for up to 15 years individually for each year. All costs covered by health insurance (doctor bills and medicine purchases, for example) can be included here.
  • Premiums can vary between insurance providers, managed care models, deductible models, age and accident coverage. You can find the exact premiums of Swiss compulsory health insurance policies listed in the health insurance comparison.
  • Deductible: A portion of costs which you must pay out of your own pocket.
  • Coinsurance: The coinsurance for compulsory Swiss health insurance is 10 percent of healthcare costs minus your insurance deductible. Coinsurance is capped, with the maximum annual coinsurance payment required being 700 francs for adults and 350 francs for children.
  • Results are calculated exactly for each year and then rounded to the second decimal. Results for multiple years are added after rounding.
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