health insurance providers premium markup 2016

Health Insurance Providers: Premium Markup 2016

As a result of major miscalculations of health insurance premiums in some cantons between 1996 and 2013, a redistribution of insurance premiums is being carried out between 2015 and 2017.

Residents of cantons in which premiums were too low in the past will compensate by paying somewhat higher premiums for compulsory health insurance. In so doing, they will relieve part of the load carried by the cantons. In total, around 800 million francs will be redistributed in this way.

This redistribution will be financed in equal parts by three parties:

1. The Swiss government
2. Insurance policyholders in the previously “privileged” cantons.
3. Health insurance providers

The premium markup which will be imposed on policyholders in most of the affected cantons will
come to a total of 48 francs for the year 2016. You can find more information about this cantonal premium markup here.

A one-time premium markup of 33 francs will be charged to health insurance providers. Depending on the insurer’s financial reserves, this markup may be covered by the insurance company.

Insurance companies which do not possess above-average financial reserves may bill this one-time charge of 33 francs directly to their customers. Affected policyholders will receive information about this one-time charge in October 2015.

Important: The insurance company markup applies to policyholders throughout Switzerland, and not only those in certain cantons. Affected insurance policyholders who also live in a previously privileged canton (like Bern or Schaffhausen) will have to pay both the insurance provider markup and the cantonal markup. In most cases, the sum of both of these charges together will come to 81 francs.

The following health insurance providers will charge the 33-franc markup to their policyholders: CSS, KPT, ÖKK, Kolping, Sanitas, Easy Sana, Arcosana, Sanagate, Krankenkasse Steffisburg, Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland, Glarner Krankenversicherung, Klug, EGK, Wincare, CMVEO, Krankenkasse Birchmeier, Krankenkasse Stoffel Mels, Krankenkasse Simplon, Rhenusana, Avanex.

However, this one-time markup is not high enough to have a major impact on costs. Using a comprehensive and unbiased health insurance comparison tool to find the best-value offers for the coverage you need is an easy way to save on insurance premiums.

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