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Useful information about the insurance calculator:

  • The insurance calculator makes finding the cheapest insurance model easy. The calculation accounts for total costs including premiums, deductibles, coinsurance and costs in excess of the sum insured.
  • You can calculate the costs of a single insurance model or compare the costs of two insurance models.
  • Insured losses: You can enter your anticipated losses for up to 15 years individually for each year. In health insurance, insured losses are normally referred to as insured healthcare costs.
  • Premiums charged can vary significantly between insurance models (different deductibles or sums insured, for example). You can find more information about individual insurance policies in the insurance comparisons.
  • Deductible: A portion of costs which you must pay out of your own pocket.
  • Coinsurance: Enter the rate at which you pay coinsurance when you make a claim. Coinsurance is an out-of-pocket cost which you pay in addition to your deductible. It is calculated as a percentage of a benefit paid out by the insurance company.
  • Sum insured: This is the maximum amount of money which the insurance company will pay towards a covered loss.
  • The deductible and coinsurance as well as the sum insured as used by the calculator always apply to one year.
  • Results are calculated exactly for each year and then rounded to the second decimal. Results for multiple years are added after rounding.
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