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About the interest yield calculator:

  • The leading Swiss interest yield calculator accounts for initial capital, investment terms, annual interest (ongoing or cumulative), time and frequency of capital injections (in advance or arrears), recurring and one-time costs, inflation and deflation. The interest yield calculator makes it easy to find the annual and total interest yield earned on investments. 
  • The calculator also accepts negative interest rates.
  • You can find our calculator with «real» historical yield data here.
  • Learn about compounding interest here.
  • The calculator uses the 30 / 360 day count convention. For calculation purposes, each month is assumed to have 30 days which make up a 360 day year. In Switzerland, this is the convention which is normally used for investments like deposits into saving accounts or yields on bonds.
  • When you choose the “Compounding interest (cumulative)” option, investment capital and costs (including one-time costs at the beginning or end of the investment term) and interest earned are accounted for in the result.
  • When you choose “Ongoing returns”, investment capital and costs (including one-time costs at the beginning and end of the investment term) are accounted for in the result. Interest earned is not compounded and is added to your final capital.
  • Taxes and other incidental costs are not accounted for.
  • If costs are high, an investment may have a negative value over all or part of the investment term. An overdraft interest rate of 0 percent is applied to negative values.
  • Numbers entered are not rounded off. Interest earnings per year are calculated exactly. Results are rounded to the nearest 5 centimes.
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