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Useful information about the Lease vs. Loan Calculator on

  • The lease vs. loan calculator on makes it easy to find out whether a lease or a loan is cheaper for the purchase of a car or motorcycle.
  • You can find current interest rates for loans – in this case loans for the financing of cars or motorcycles – in the unbiased personal loan comparison.
  • More loan and leasing calculators are available on You can find all calculators listed here.
  • Lease-based financing calculations are based on the assumption that you will buy the leased vehicle for its residual value at the end of the lease term. Calculations of leasing costs are based on the pre-discount catalog price and on recurring, identical lease payments. The down payment and the first monthly lease payment are normally combined and charged as initial large payment.
  • Loan-based financing calculations are based on the assumption that you will get a personal loan equal to the vehicle’s full catalog price minus possible cash discounts. It is also assumed that the personal loan used to purchase the car or motorcycle will be paid back in full by the end of the loan term by means of recurring, identical loan repayments. This is the standard practice for Swiss personal loans.
  • Important: Vehicles which you lease do not belong to you. You can find more information in the guide to car leasing vs. car loans.
  • Additional costs may occur in both forms of financing, depending on the situation. These may include, for example, premiums for payment protection insurance or late payment penalties.
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