Leasing Calculator


Useful information about the leasing calculator from moneyland.ch:

  • The leasing calculator from moneyland.ch makes it easy to find the true cost of a lease.
  • A car leasing calculator and other loan calculators are also available on moneyland.ch. You can find all moneyland.ch calculators here.
  • The calculator assumes that the lease is paid through identical lease payments (apart from a possible down payment). The down payment (upfront payment) and the first lease payment (in advance) are usually calculated as a single large payment.
  • Calculations are based on the internal rate of return (IRR) model. This interest calculation method is used for all Swiss leasing agreements in accordance with the Swiss consumer credit law (KKG).
  • The leasing calculator can be used for various lease calculations, including leases of consumer goods such as furniture, mobile phones, televisions and other appliances or investments.
  • The calculator rounds the purchase price, down payment and residual value entered are rounded to the nearest 5 centimes. Rounding differences may occur.

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