Meme Coin

November 11, 2021 - Daniel Dreier

The terms meme coin and meme token refers to a cryptocurrency or other blockchain-based token which is promoted using social media and marketing memes.

Key identifiers of meme coins are:

  • They often make use of real-world objects with strong emotional connections to create their identity. For example, a meme coin may make use of animals, food, or other familiar items in its name, symbol, and marketing.

  • They rely on emotional connections rather than unique technology or services to create value and attract investors.

  • They often have a huge total supply which keeps the value of individual coins or tokens low. The low value, in turn, makes users more likely to gift or spend coins or tokens.

  • They make use of gamification. Comical concepts and language help simplify otherwise complex functions, such as staking and mining pools. It is also common for meme coin communities to offer non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can only be purchased with a meme currency to encourage its use.

Meme coins are often considered to be a scam or a joke. This is because they rely on a fan base and emotional appeal for their value, rather than providing unique services or technology. However, over their relatively short history, there has been a consistent demand for meme coins, which indicates that they may fill a real consumer need.

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